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18 Things Your Feet Say About Your Health - Caring.com


It's caused by not having enough hemoglobin, an iron-rich protein in the blood cells ... When you stand, your feet may be bright red or dusky; when elevated, they ...

Burning or Swollen Feet? What Foot Pain Says About Your Health


May 11, 2016 ... ... health problems. Discover information about cold feet, itchy feet, burning feet and swollen feet, along with foot pain causes and treatments.

Erythromelalgia | DermNet New Zealand - All about the skin


Primary erythromelalgia is caused by mutations in SCN9A, which encodes for the ... The classic description of erythromelalgia is red, painful, warm hands or feet, ...

PodiatryNetwork.com - The Ischemic Foot


There are a wide variety of possible causes for poor arterial circulation into the ... Early symptoms may include cold feet, purple or red discoloration of the toes, ...

Why Are My Feet Burning? Causes and Treatments - WebMD


WebMD explains the various causes and treatments for a burning sensation in your feet.

What Causes Feet To Turn Red - Doctor insights on HealthTap


Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Keith on what causes feet to turn red: Infection, athletes foot, allergic reaction.

Diabetes - Protect Your Feet and Legs - Diabetes Center - Everyday ...


Dec 21, 2011 ... Diabetes can destroy nerves and cause you to have poor circulation. ... If they turn purple, red, or pink, especially when you are sitting with your ...

Itchy Feet | Causes, Symptoms & Diagnosis - Healthline


Aug 5, 2014 ... While not typically cause for concern, itching feet can indicate an ... Psoriasis is a chronic disease characterized by red patches on the skin, ...

Foot, Leg & Ankle Swelling: Causes, Treatment, & Risks - Healthline


Apr 14, 2016 ... We'll tell you about some possible causes of foot, leg, and ankle swelling. We'll also explain how to treat and prevent swelling in your lower ...

Foot Problem Pictures: Sore Feet, Heel Pain, and More With Remedies


The nerve damage of uncontrolled diabetes can also make your feet feel cold. Other possible causes include hypothyroidism and anemia. A doctor can look for  ...

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What causes feet to turn red? | Reference.com


Feet turn red from gout, bunions and athlete's foot, according to Mayo Clinic, WebMD and Lifescript. Gout is a painful form of arthritis, athlete's foot is a fungal ...

Causes of Red Swollen Feet & Ankles | LIVESTRONG.COM


Mar 27, 2011 ... Certain injuries and an infection can cause the feet and ankles to become red and swollen. Photo Credit feet in sandals image by jimcox40 ...

What would cause my toes to be turning red? | Zocdoc Answers


Repeated pressure or abrasion due to ill-fitting shoes or repeated mechanical trauma to the feet may irritate to overlying skin and cause discoloration. Athletes ...