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Hyperacusis - Wikipedia


Hyperacusis (also spelled hyperacousis) is a health condition characterized by an increased ... In rare cases, hyperacusis may be caused by a vestibular disorder. ... Others are born with sound sens...

4 Types of Sound Sensitivity | Hyperacusis


The common treatment for hyperacusis is listening to broadband pink noise ... HYPERSENSITIVE HEARING (OF SPECIFIC FREQUENCIES): Then there are ...

Noise sensitivity - Hearing Link


People with reduced tolerance to sound often find ordinary noises too loud, while loud noises can cause discomfort and pain.

What Is Misophonia? - WebMD


Aug 14, 2016 ... Misophonia, also known as selective sound sensitivity syndrome, starts ... Doctors aren't sure what causes misophonia, but it's not a problem ...

Ménière's Society: Associated symptoms


Hearing loss; Tinnitus; Fullness of the ear; Sensitivity to noise; Headaches; Eye ... The fullness can also fluctuate and for some cause considerable distress.

Hyperacusis - NHS Choices


Mar 7, 2016 ... Read about hyperacusis, an intolerance to sounds that aren't an issue for most other people. Find out about the symptoms, causes, and ...

Hearing problems - hyperacusis - Better Health Channel


The most common known causes of hyperacusis are exposure to loud noise, and ... a blocked ear canal may cause temporary increased sensitivity to sound.

Noise Sensitivity from Nutritional Deficiencies


A web page I highly recommend on magnesium deficiency and other causes of noise sensitivity is at Dr. Guy Berard's website on Auditory Integration Training, ...

Vestibular Hyperacusis | Vestibular Disorders Association


Are you sensitive to certain sounds?Hyperacusis ... In some cases, vestibular hyperacusis can affect the autonomic system and cause problems such as loss of  ...

Living with Extreme Sound Sensitivity | World of Psychology


Mar 19, 2014 ... Misophonia is a sound sensitivity disorder, which makes certain noises ... the experience of these sounds can cause psychological distress.

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Hyperacusis: An Increased Sensitivity to Everyday Sounds ...


Many people experience sensitivity to sound, but true hyperacusis is rare, ... but may develop a narrow tolerance to soundOther common causes include:.

Emotional Exhaustion Can Lead to Noise Sensitivity - Depression ...


Apr 10, 2013 ... Emotional exhaustion can make you irritable, and depressed, and stress can get you down, but a new study shows it can also make women ...

Hypersensitivity To Sound And Anxiety Disorders - Calm Clinic


Noise Triggers Some people develop a sensitivity to very specific sounds. Often these sounds are related to a past trauma, or a recurring cause of anxiety.