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Severe Itching Causes
Itching is characterized as a tingling or irritated sensation on the skin. A variety of causes can contribute to severe itching, such as scabies, eczema, fungal infections and contact dermatitis. Other possible causes include dry skin, food or medication... More »
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Aug 25, 2015 ... The possible causes for itchiness range from internal illnesses, such as kidney or liver disease, to skin rashes, allergies, and dermatitis.

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Mar 13, 2015 ... Read about causes of itch and medications used in treatment. ... Symptoms include severe pain, itchy skin, and possible...learn more ». In This ...

Itching (Pruritus) Treatment, Itch Causes & Home Remedies


Feb 18, 2015 ... Dry skin, fungus, sunburn, and bites may cause itching. ... that burrow under the skin and produce intense itching that's usually worse at night.

Women who have vaginitis , inflammation of the vagina, may also experience vaginal discharge , vaginal odor, and inflammation along with their itching. Vaginitis frequently occurs in girls who have not yet reached puberty; however, it’s important to rule out STDs and t... More »
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Itchy skin (pruritus) — Comprehensive overview covers causes, treatments and self-care measures.

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Jun 11, 2015 ... Learn about pruritus, a term for itching, and the skin conditions it is linked to. ... Your Skin, Pruritus, and Itching ... 3. Acute Skin Problems. 4.

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For some forms of severe ichthyosis, creams containing substances related to vitamin A, such as tretinoin, help the skin shed excessive scales.

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For itching that does not go away or is severe, see your health care provider. ... to an itchy area. Avoid prolonged exposure to excessive heat and humidity.

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An itch is often caused by a condition affecting the skin, but it can be a sign of a more serious underlying problem.

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Q: What Are the Causes of Severe Itching?
A: There are many causes of severe itching. Itching can manifest itself in a single location, or it can present as generalized body-wide itching. Causes of severe ... Read More »
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Q: What Are the Causes of Severe Itching?
A: A common cause of severe itching is allergic reaction. Contact dermatitis is caused by irritants such as detergents, soaps, fabrics or chemicals. A physician ca... Read More »
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Q: What is causing this severe itching?
A: what kind of soap do you use? Read More »
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Q: What is causing this severe itching?
A: Your itching could be caused by a number of things and to find the culprit, it take a trial and error approach. You could have eczema, dry skin (lotion needed) ... Read More »
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Q: What Are The Causes Of Severe Itching
A: Severe itching (or pruritus) is an irritating and uncomfortable skin condition that demands incessant scratching. Severe itching could be limited to a localized... Read More »
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