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Dear Doctor, I have been having tooth pain. What are the likely causes, and what can be done? Dear Brad, Generally speaking, pain is a protective response ...

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There can be many causes for tooth pain, including dental decay, an injury or infection. If you have tooth pain, read on to find your symptoms, possible causes ...

A toothache is pain in or around a tooth. Most often, toothache pain is a sign that there is something wrong with the affected tooth or surrounding gums. More »
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Keeping your teeth, gums, and the bones around your teeth healthy requires regular ... or sinus infection, which can cause referred pain into the teeth or jaw.

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Nov 29, 2015 ... Whatever the cause of sore, painful gums, there are steps you can take to ... damage the enamel on your teeth or cause red and swollen gums.

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Check medical symptoms for jaw, gum, or tooth pain with the self-assessment symptom checker.

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Feb 1, 2012 ... Tooth pain - there is good reason why it is occasionally difficult to pinpoint the ... from an infection of the tooth itself, or of the gum, or even spread from one to the other. ... Seems like it took my dentist a while to figure it out, too.



There are many possible non-dental causes, but the vast majority of ... Both the pulp and periodontal ligament have nociceptors (pain ... <sup>:31</sup> Another typical difference betwee...

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Some common toothache causes ... Other causes of a toothache can include the following: ... How do I alleviate the pain if I cannot see my dentist right away? ... If there has been some trauma to the tooth, a cold compress may be applied on ...

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Q: Can stress or being depressed cause a tooth ache? - Quora
A: Adding to all the answers given, I would like to say that stress and anxiety are the two leading causes of MPDS i.e myofacial pain dysfunction syndrome. Read More »
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Q: How can stress cause tooth pain? - Quora
A: Tooth pain can be caused by a dental problem, such as a cavity or gum disease, or by a non-dental problem, such as a sinus infection. But some types of tooth ... Read More »
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Q: Is it possible that pain due to a cavity in a lower molar tooth c...
A: Yes, it is possible to get pain in your maxillary(upper) molars if you have pain in your ... The molars above can have pain due to some other reasons which mig... Read More »
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Q: Teeth: What can be done to relieve a sinus toothache? - Quora
A: in addition to what Semil Shah and Danish Qadri mentioned above, I'd like to add the follwoing: ... For sinus related issues which can cause teeth related ... Read More »
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Q: Can a tooth ache/bad tooth cause head & eye aches? | Yahoo .....
A: Jun 4, 2007 ... Best Answer: I'm glad you're getting the tooth pulled today. A bad tooth can cause a lot more than headaches or eye pain. Research has ... Read More »
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