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A troglobite is an animal that lives entirely in the dark parts of caves Roughly speaking, troglobites may be classed as troglofauna (the land-dwelling species)  ...

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When you think of cave animals, you may think of bats or bears but cave life is much more diversified.

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Jan 10, 2011 ... Trapped deep underneath the Earth and left to evolve in blackness and isolation for thousands of years, cave animals are some of nature's ...

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Cave-inhabiting animals are often categorized as troglobites (cave-limited species), ... Some species of cave crickets are classified as trogloxenes, because they ...

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Some animals live only in caves - they are called troglobites (meaning 'cave dwellers'). These animals are adapted to life in the dark (they are often colorless  ...

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Many types of animals have evolved into troglobites. Some of the most familiar types of troglobites are spiders, beetles, gastropods, fish, millipedes and ...

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How Do Animals Adapt to Living in Caves? ... How Can I Help Conserve Caves? ... In order to adapt an animal that lives its life in a cave may do some of the ...



Troglofauna are small cave-dwelling animals that have adapted to their dark surroundings. ... A trogloxene is an animal that uses caves for shelter but does not complete its life cycle in them; for ...

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... Study a Cave? How Can I Help Conserve Caves? ... Go to How Do Cave Animals Adapt? ... Humans are not adapted to the extreme environment of caves.

Popular Q&A
Q: What is the largest cave dwelling animal.
A: Big animals like bears & mountain lions are temporary cave dwellers. Animals that live permanently in caves are usually Read More »
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Q: What animals are in Mammoth Cave?
A: Flatworms, isopods, amphipods, eyeless cave shrimp, cave crayfish, bristletails, collembola, booklice, eyeless fish, segmented worms, snails, copepods, spiders,... Read More »
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Q: What animals live in cave?
A: Some of the animals that enjoy living in caves are bats, spiders, tons of different bugs, and some kinds of bears. Cave dwelling animal are categorized as trogl... Read More »
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Q: What are some of the animals in Mammoth Cave?
A: Bats, eyeless fish, crickets. Read More »
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Q: What animals live in caves?
A: I work as a cave biologist. In addition to all the mammals people love to mention there is also a fascinating community of invertebrates subsisting on the guano... Read More »
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