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GIFTS IN KIND. David Berry. Anne Parks Strain. Barbara Lindeman. Elizabeth Murray. Eugenie Voorhees. Heidi Cox. Jan & Cecile Spieczny. Jeanne W. Riggs.


Mr. & Mrs. Jan Spieczny. Ms. Margaret G. Sprouse. Ms. Kristin Stadelmann. Mr. & Mrs. Lionel J. Starr. Mr. Justin Stascarage. Joseph & Cecile Stoddard.


Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Wray*. Mr. and Mrs. Rodman W. Moorhead III* ..... Ms. Cecile Hart. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Hartman .... Mr. Joseph Spieczny. Mr. Jonathan Spivak ...


219, Booth, Cecile, Deslauriers, Harold, 01/13/96. 220, Borden, Donald B. Thomas .... 335, Calitri, Anne S. Spieczny, Louis, 09/06/96. 336, Callahan, Dale A .


Mar 7, 2017 ... Nancy Joan Spieczny San Diego 858-261-2437. John C. Wynne ..... Barton Cecil Sheela III San Diego 619-441-4890. Cheryl Rae Shensa


Tricia and Mark Markland. Cecile and Bill Marsh. Paula and Pluria Marshall ..... Jill and Clark Soderlund. Rachel and Steven Spieczny. Jonna Jerome and Andy  ...


Trudy and Brett Marschall, Cecile and Bill Marsh. Eunice and Robert Marsh ..... Rachel and Steven Spieczny, Spilsbury Family. Helen and Gregg Spiridellis ...


AUBRUN Cecile née BARONNET Coiffure (9602A) ..... MADAME CECILE PETOUX Coiffure (9602A) ..... SPIECZNY Sabrina née DALLOT Coiffure (9602A)


Lilia and Jorge Marmolejo. Nancy Kwan and James Marsden. Cecile and Bill Marsh .... Rachel and Steven Spieczny. Ruta Andrasiunaite and Richard Sprenkle.