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Centaurus (The Centaur)
Centaurus is a constellation in the southern hemisphere, first listed by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy in the 2nd century. It has traditionally been identified with a centaur, half man, half horse... More »


Centaurus /sɛnˈtɔrəs/ is a bright constellation in the southern sky. One of the largest constellations, Centaurus was included among the 48 constellations listed ...

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Centaurus. Abbreviation: Cen; Genitive: Centauri; Translation: The Centaur; Peoria Astronomical Society Centaurus Page · Interactive star chart (Java applet)  ...
The Centaur - Genitive: Centauri Abbreviations: Cen, Cent Right Ascension, (h): 13 Declination, (deg): 50S More »
By Nick Greene, Guide

Star Tales – Centaurus - Ian Ridpath

Centaurus from the Uranographia of Johann Bode (1801). The centaur holds a long pole called a thyrsus on which is impaled Lupus, the wolf. Alpha Centauri ...

Centaurus - Wiley Online Library

Contemporary Russian Scholarship on the History of Science in Russia. Developed from presentations at the European Conference for the History of Science in ...

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Centaurus. © John Wiley & Sons A/S. Published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd. Cover image for Vol. 57 Issue 1. Edited By: Ida Stamhuis. Online ISSN: 1600-0498.

eSky: Centaurus - Glyphweb

A rich and extensive constellation of the southern sky. Centaurus contains much that is of interest, but is perhaps most famous for the stars Proxima and Alpha ...

Centaurus - Constellations of Words

Read what writers of myth have written on the Centaurs on this page of the Theoi Project website. The constellation Centaurus is depicted taking adjoining ...

Popular Q&A
Q: What is centaurus a?
A: Centaurus A (also known as NGC 5128) is a lenticular galaxy about 14 million light-years away in Read More »
Q: Who was centaurus?
A: Centaurus is a bright constellation in the southern sky. Centaurus is one of the largest constellat... Read More »
Q: What is Centaurus A?
A: ( sen′tör·əs ′ā ) (astronomy) A strong, discrete radio source in the constellation Centaurus, associated with the peculiar galaxy NGC 5128. Read More »
Q: What is Centaurus X-3?
A: ( sen′tör·əs ′eks ′thrē ) (astrophysics) A source of x-rays that pulses with a period of 4.8 seconds and is eclipsed every 2.1 days; believed to be a binary sta... Read More »
Q: What is centaurus nickname?
A: The centaur ;) Read More »