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Cervical fracture - Wikipedia


A cervical fracture, commonly called a broken neck, is a catastrophic fracture of any of the seven cervical vertebrae in the neck. Examples of common causes in humans are traffic collisions and divi...

Neck Injuries Involving the Cervical Nerve Roots and Spinal Cord ...


Nov 24, 2008 ... Neck injuries are a particular concern in contact sports such as football, and ... Cervical nerve root and spinal cord injuries are among the most ...

Whiplash and Cervical Spine Injury. Treatment and whiplash | Patient


Most fatal cervical spine injuries occur in upper cervical levels, either at the cranio-cervical junction C1, ... Features of a serious head or neck injury including: .

Cervical Herniated Disc Symptoms and Treatment Options


A cervical herniated disc in the neck can cause neck pain, arm pain, and ... While a cervical herniated disc may originate from some sort of trauma or neck injury, ...

Cervical Spine Anatomy and Neck Pain - Spine-Health


The cervical spine (neck) is a well-engineered, strong structure that delicately ... and tendons of the cervical spine, while neck sprains are ligament injuries.

Cervical Spine Sprain/Strain Injuries Treatment & Management ...


The most frequent cervical injuries in athletes are probably acute strains and sprains of the musculature of the neck, as well as soft-tissue contusions. A strain  ...

Cervical Sprain and Strain: Background, Pathophysiology ...


Dec 28, 2015 ... Cervical strain is one of the most common musculoskeletal problems ... A history of neck injury is a significant risk factor for chronic neck pain.

Neck Spine Fractures - USC Spine Center - Los Angeles


A cervical fracture means that a bone is broken in the cervical (neck) region of the spine. A cervical dislocation means that a ligament injury in the neck has ...

Spinal cord injury Symptoms - Mayo Clinic


Spinal cord injury — Comprehensive overview covers symptoms, treatment of damage ... Extreme back pain or pressure in your neck, head or back; Weakness,  ...

Cervical Disc Disease and Neck Pain - WebMD


Oct 3, 2007 ... Although cervical disc disease is generally a slow process, a herniated disc sometimes can occur quickly after an injury or trauma to the neck.

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Levels of Injury - Understanding Spinal Cord Injury


The higher the injury on the spinal cord, the more dysfunction can occur. ... Most severe of the spinal cord injury levels; Paralysis in arms, hands, trunk and legs ...

C6, C7, & C8 Vertebrae Spinal Cord Injury | SpinalCord.com


The C6 and C7 vertebrae are the lowest levels of the cervical spine, near the base of the neck. Injuries to the spinal cord corresponding to these regions of the  ...

Cervical Pain from Joint Degeneration - Spine-Health


Cervical injury or trauma to the cervical vertebrae occurs less often than ... For instance, an injury to a joint in the neck could cause arthritis to develop sooner.