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Cervical Neck Injuries
The term "cervical" refers to the area of the spine starting at the base of the skull and is comprised of 7 vertebrae and 8 pairs of spinal nerves. These vertebrae house and protect the spine and allow the neck to move from front to back, side to side,... More »
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Cervical Spine Anatomy and Neck Pain - Spine-Health


The cervical spine (neck) is a well-engineered, strong structure that delicately ... and tendons of the cervical spine, while neck sprains are ligament injuries.

Cervical Pain from Degeneration and Injury - Spine-Health


Cervical injury or trauma to the cervical vertebrae occurs less often than cervical ... such as the development of bone spurs in the neck and cervical osteoarthritis.

Cervical Herniated Disc Symptoms and Treatment Options


A cervical herniated disc in the neck can cause neck pain, arm pain, and ... While a cervical herniated disc may originate from some sort of trauma or neck injury, ...

Most of the time, damage from a neck injury is limited to soft tissue. Should this substance land on a nerve root, which it often does, you'll likely feel pain and have symptoms such as weakness, numbness and/or pins and needles down your arm. They may be caused by ei... More »
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Cervical Disc Disease and Neck Pain - WebMD


Cervical disc disease goes beyond just a pain in the neck, though. ... process, a herniated disc sometimes can occur quickly after an injury or trauma to the neck.

Neck Injuries Involving the Cervical Nerve Roots and Spinal Cord ...


Nov 24, 2008 ... Neck injuries are a particular concern in contact sports such as football, and they require special attention because of the devastating ...

Levels of Injury - Understanding Spinal Cord Injury


The higher the injury on the spinal cord, the more dysfunction can occur. ... Most severe of the spinal cord injury levels; Paralysis in arms, hands, trunk and legs ...

Whiplash and Cervical Spine Injury. Treatment and whiplash | Patient


Patients present with neck pain and stiffness, occipital headache, thoracic back ... Most fatal cervical spine injuries occur in upper cervical levels, either at the ...

Cervical Spondylosis (Arthritis of the Neck)-OrthoInfo - AAOS


Like the rest of the body, the disks and joints in the neck (cervical spine) slowly ... about your symptoms and any injuries that may have occurred to your neck.

Popular Q&A
Q: What will worsen a cervical neck injury?
A: Sharp movement, laying wrong, jerking pretty much anything. Read More »
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Q: Back and Neck Injury. /. Cervical.
A: Hi Antoni, You have most likely strained a muscle and/or sprained a joint in your neck. This can happen while doing homework, because you are looking down at th... Read More »
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Q: Back and Neck Injury. /. cervical injury.
A: I would have to agree with you as well. It could be a cervical disc bulge/herniation compressing a nerve root, or it could be a peripheral nerve entrapment (uln... Read More »
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Q: Is a neck injury an injury to the cervical spine?
A: "A neck injury may involve injury to the cervical spine, but does not always involve cervical spine injury. Neck injuries may be related to muscle pulls, spinal... Read More »
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Q: How to Use Cervical Neck Traction.
A: 1. Consult your doctor prior to using traction. You need to make sure that you will not be creating a more serious injury from the use of traction. Your doctor ... Read More »
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