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6 days ago ... There will come a time after you have your belly button pierced that you ... piercing is fully healed before trying to change your belly button ring.


Dec 7, 2015 ... I got my piercing done around November 4th I've been taking care of it since I ... On the paper that the piercer gave me it said I can change jewelry in 2-3 weeks. ... I took mine out after a month and putting a new one in was like ...

Feb 12, 2009 ... Belly button rings are notorious for being very infection prone, that's why ... let it sit on the pierced flesh...also if your body rejects this piercing, try a ... i got min epierced when i was 14 an di was able to change it 4 weeks after, ...
May 16, 2015 ... I got my belly button pierced last June. It is completely healed because I ... I recommend you do not change your ... ... How to: Change Belly Button Ring For the First Time! ... Signs of a Healing Belly Button Piercing. - Duration: ...


Sep 27, 2012 ... belly button ring, belly button rings, navel ring. ... your new piercing by rubbingtowards it for the duration of your day after day actions. ... that the piercing is healed and that you happento be all set to change belly button rings.


i've heard of people changing it after only a few days/weeks with no problem. ive heard ... Bellybutton piercings normally heal in 4-12 months.


All body piercings run the risk of infection if the initial jewelry is changed too soon , according to the Association of Professional Piercers, but belly button rings ...


Sep 3, 2013 ... Belly Button Rings & Navel Piercings at Painful Pleasures ... to change out your starter jewelry soon after having your navel pierced.


Body jewelry, such as belly button rings, can be changed to coordinate with an outfit or just for fun. ... Hands making a heart around belly button piercing.


After the first change, assuming there is no infection or soreness, you should be ... Before inserting your ring, wash your hands, your navel, and your piercing ...