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Channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus) is North America's most numerous catfish species. It is the official fish of Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, and Tennessee,  ...

Channel Catfish (Ictalurus punctatus)


Information about the Channel Catfish (Ictalurus punctatus), a species found in the State of Texas.

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The channel catfish is a popular sport and food fish. It is active during the night, moving around and finding food after dusk. During the day it will most likely be ...

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Channel catfish facts, information, photos, and fishing tips for catching channel catfish.

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How to identify a Channel Catfish. The distinctive channel catfish can often be recognized at a glance by its deeply forked tail and spots on the body (though not  ...

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Channel Catfish feature page. ... Fisheries Management. Channel Catfish Management and Fishing in Pennsylvania. Feature articles from PA Angler & Boater ...

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Channel Catfish live in a diverse array of habitats, including four of the five Great Lakes (Lake Superior excluded), inland lakes and medium to large rivers.

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The channel catfish is the bread and butter of Kansas fishing. Found in nearly all waters from large rivers and reservoirs to small prairie streams, good channel ...

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The Channel Catfish is most abundant and widely distributed of the catfishes of Iowa. It is common to abundant throughout Iowa's rivers and moderate sized ...

Top 12 Channel Catfish Tips, Start Catching More Catfish


Catch more channel catfish with these twelve sure fire channel catfish tips. Learn the essentials to start catching more cats right now!

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Channel Catfish: Ictalurus punctatus. Appearance: Catfish are easy to distinguish by their whisker-like sensory barbels and a forked tail. Channel catfish have a ...

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Also known as spotted cat, blue cat, fiddler, lady cat, chucklehead cat and willow cat. Like all Missouri catfish, the channel cat has smooth, scaleless skin and ...

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Channel catfish are one of several species from the catfish family that occur in Washington and are probably the most popular because of the large size they can ...