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According to research performed at Mississippi State University, albino channel catfish are a rare find in the wild. However, an appreciated aquarium fish, the albino is very popul...

Channel Catfish
Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Siluriformes Family: Ictaluridae Genus: Ictalurus
Species: Ictalurus punctatus
Rafinesque first described the channel catfish from the Ohio River in 1818 as Silurus punctatus. This name was changed by later workers to the currently valid Ictalurus punctatus. The genus name, Ictalurus, comes from the Greek "ichtys"... More » · More images »

Channel catfish

Channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus) is North America's most numerous catfish species. It is the official fish of Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska,and Tennessee,  ...

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CHANNEL CATFISH. Physical Description. Channel catfish are the most common of the freshwater catfish and can be easily identified because of their ...
On May 23, 1997, the channel catfish was designated as the official fish of Missouri . The catfish does not rely on sight to find its food; instead it uses cat-like whiskers to assist in the hunt. Adults are normally 12 to 32 inches long and weigh from a half-pound to... More »
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channel catfish

Channel Catfish are one of the largest fish found in Northern Virginia. They can grow to almost four feet long and up to 50 pounds, however they are usually ... Catfish&v=XKKwbD2gN_U
Jul 24, 2013 ... Check out this specialized catfishing tip on targeting channel catfish with Sudden Impact fiber bait.

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Channel catfish have smooth scales that are speckled, with a darker back to a light whitish belly. Their colors can vary from blue, to black, or olive. Generally in  ...

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Q: What is channel catfish?
A: n. A freshwater food fish (Ictalurus punctatus) common to the central United States. Also called channel cat . Read More »
Q: What color are channel catfish?
A: They are brownish gray in color, what tells them apart is that other catfishes do not ... Read More »
Q: What is the largest channel catfish
A: The biggest Channel Catfish ever caught was 4 ft long and weighed a... ...MORE... Read More »
Q: What is a channel catfish?
A: channel catfish: freshwater food fish common throughout central United States Read More »
Q: How to fish for channel catfish?
A: They have some great websites for info to fish for catfish. I fish with a bait-cast reel with minimum 14-17 lb line with a medium heavy rod.people who fish for ... Read More »