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Mongoloid /ˈmɒŋ.ɡə.lɔɪd/ is a term now often deprecated as offensive, for peoples ... Traits more controversially ascribed to Mongoloids include high intelligence,...



In many Asian countries people relax and rest for long periods of time in a squatting position ..... Many physical traits have nor correlation to skin color or race.

Facial Structure Recognition - Can You Tell The Difference Between ...


Mar 25, 2009 ... Japanese people tend to have a longer / oval facial structure with lower .... People should take pride in wearing their history and culture in their physical features. It's an .... Europe has many cultures and ethnic characteristics.

Comparison of East Asian and European Facial Features


Typical attributes of major facial features in Asian and European faces are grouped and demonstrated. ... commonly and thus can be considered characteristic of a regional group. ... and so on) for each of the major facial features found in people of East Asia or ... Asian American Beauty: A Discourse on Body Image(video).

Ask a Korean!: The Ultimate Korean Looks List – How to Pick ...


Sep 8, 2008 ... Are there REALLY distinctive physical features that can instantly tell a ... he is saying that “People who have X or Y traits tend to be Koreans.

Race and Physical Differences | American Renaissance


Feb 29, 2008 ... Many East African peoples have elongated limbs and bodies that easily dissipate heat. ... Fifty percent of whites and about 38 percent of Japanese can taste it. ... Shorter gestation seems to be a characteristic of blacks that is ...

Physical characteristics of Chinese Hakka. - NCBI


Apr 10, 2013 ... The physical characteristics of Hakka subjects were analyzed and compared ... breadth, and nose height were similar to those of South-Asian populations. ... Rural Population/statistics & numerical data; Shoulder/anatomy & ...

20 physical traits you may have inherited from a Neanderthal ...


This legacy was picked up from 60 – 80,000 years ago, when successive waves of modern humans began migrating from Africa into Asia and Europe, ...

7 Things About Inuit (Eskimo) People - Softpedia News


Feb 19, 2008 ... Inuit (Eskimo) people inhabit a large area on the northern coast of North ... to be of proper Mongoloid race (like Chinese, Japanese, Koreans or Mongols). ... Their body is adapted for limiting heat loss: short (1.5-1.6 m or 5-5.3 ft in .... I look nothing like either parent, yet I have some physical characteristics.

Thick Hair, Small Boobs, Shovel Shaped Teeth and More ...


Feb 17, 2013 ... Yep, there's a gene for these traits, and more. ... sweat glands and distinctive teeth and is found in the majority of East Asian people. ... Or maybe those women survived when women with more body fat (yes, boobs are fat, ...

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They also tend to have less body hair, less facial hair, flatter faces, smaller noses, ... Geographic, "This skull has some characteristic of modern Chinese people.

What physical features distinguish Asian ethnicities (especially - Quora


I assume this question refers to physical features,since it is easy to ... What are the physical characteristics that differentiate Japanese from Chinese people?

Human Differentiation: Evolution of Racial Characteristics


The beard in males is well developed, as is the hair upon the body and the ... At the time, European ideas of how the peoples of Asia and India looked like ... The front teeth (incisors) of Blacks often display a characteristic flat, spatulate shape.