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The English are a nation and an ethnic group native to England, who speak the English ... It is unclear how many British people consider themselves English. ...... 'The Use of Nativity Data to Estimate Ethnic Characteristics and Patterns', Social ...


1. People who identify of full or partial British ancestry born into that country. 2. UK-born people who identify of British ancestry only. 3. British citizens by way of ...


Jan 5, 2016 ... A survey has quizzed 2000 people to find the 40 most British characteristics - but how many of them do you do?


Here are five widely generalized characteristics of the British as a people, which are also broadly true, in my own personal British experience: Queuing.


Many and various. 'British people' covers four (or more) nations and numerous regional cultures, many of which will vehemently deny any common ground with the ...


If you come to Lovely Great Britain, you'll find all these traits and more in the Great ... I've found that people don't like being asked to do things for others and that ... This characteristic is so charming, especially to Americans who live in the ...


Nov 9, 2008 ... Enjoying other people's misfortune 15. Inability to complain 16. Love of cheap foreign holidays 17. Working long hours 18. A soothing cup of tea ...

Oct 15, 2015 ... http://preparetoserve.com/ENGLAND Common Characteristics of British People.


Let's take a candid and totally prejudiced look at the British people, tongue firmly in cheek, and hope they forgive my flippancy or that they don't read this bit.


According to a 2014 questionnaire conducted by the British Council, British people are most recognized for their good manners, sense of humor, love of alcohol, ...