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Termites are eusocial insects that are classified at the taxonomic rank of infraorder Isoptera, .... Termites and Cryptocercus share similar morphological and social features: for example, most cock...

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Learn about termite characteristics including appearance, behavior, and anatomy .

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Isoptera: termites. Characteristics Termites are small to medium sized insects ranging form 3-20 millimetres in body length. These insects are not often seen ...

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Main characteristics of Termites. Termites are usually small or medium sized, whitish or colourless insects, with short antennae. They have strong biting ...

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The forewings and hindwings are equal in length and held flat against the back of the termite. Other Physical Features; ectothermic; bilateral symmetry.

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Learn about termites. ... Queen lifespan and colony characteristics in ants and termites. Insectes Sociaux 45:235-246. North Carolina State University College of  ...

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The features were the straight termite antennae, the four equally sized wings, the broad waist of the thorax, and broad abdomen. The earliest termite fossil ...

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Termites are the most primitive group of living winged insects that lay their eggs on land. Some scientific studies suggest that termites are most closely related to ...

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General features. Distribution and abundance. Termites, which number about 2,750 species, are distributed widely, reaching their greatest abundance in ...

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Identifying Characteristics. • Ant bodies appear constricted or. Subterranean termites have the pinched in at the waist, while basic characteristics common to all.

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<sup>Termites and Cellulose</sup>. Termites are an integral part of a fully functioning ecosystem, converting decaying organic cellulose material into fertile soil, out of which ...

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In the US, there about 45 species of termites with just a few species being of structural damage importance. Three groups can cause damage: subterranean, ...

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Termite body can be from 1/8 to 1 inch long. The body of these insects is usually oval-shaped. Termites can be white, brown, black and different shades of these ...