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Detergents are classified into three broad groupings, depending on the electrical charge of the ...

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A detergent is an effective cleaning product because it contains one or more surfactants. Because of their chemical makeup, the surfactants used in detergents ...

7 Toxic Chemicals in Laundry Detergent - Annmarie Gianni


The goal is to clean your clothes, but toxic chemicals in laundry detergents are being found to be carcinogenic, allergenic, and otherwise harmful to our health.

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Dec 21, 2011 ... The detergent you're using may contain a cocktail of potent cancer-causing chemicals, some of which the manufacturer doesn't even have to ...

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Feb 12, 2015 ... Wetting of the surface and, in the case of textiles, penetration of the fibre structure by wash liquor containing the detergent. Detergents (and ...

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Commercial Laundry Detergents from Sunburst Chemicals designed specifically for large laundry facilities, healthcare facilities and industrial environments.

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Petrochemicals, which are the synthetic chemicals made out of petroleum, are found in the ingredients on laundry detergents such as fragrance, phthalates, ...

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Nov 20, 2012 ... Of the 271 general purpose laundry detergents the Environmental ... linens with synthetic chemicals and flooding the wastewater with chemical ...

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All laundry detergents leave a residue on clothing, which is absorbed by our skin (and inhaled). The ill effects of some of the chemicals in detergents range from ...

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Jul 11, 2016 ... Soaps are produced from naturally occurring fats and oils. Soapless or synthetic detergents are manufactured from organic chemicals usually ...

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Soaps & Detergents: Chemistry | Clean Living | American Cleaning ...


Chemicals that are able to do this effectively are called surface active agents, ... as well as nonionic surfactants are the main ingredients in today's detergents.

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Conventional laundry products often contain toxic chemicals that can harm you and the environment. Use our guide to help lighten your load.

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Jun 22, 2016 ... The most important ingredients in detergents are chemicals called surfactants—a word made from bits of the words surface active agents.