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Sharpie is an American manufacturer of writing instruments (mainly marker pens) whose products are sold in over 20 countries. Originally designating a single ...

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I choose the chemistry of sharpies because I love to draw and write with sharpies. ... In a permanent parker like a sharpie the nasty smell is organic chemicals ...

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Aug 29, 2005 ... Permanent inks, like the classic Sharpie, contain three main ... (up until the 1990's) were nasty-smelling organic chemicals such as xylene.

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Jan 12, 2012 ... A colleague walks into the lab and says, very casually, "Your sharpies are upside down." The Sharpie is very common in the laboratory for the ...

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Although these chemicals provide a desirable permanancy, they are highly toxic. Today, xylene may be used in some markers (e.g. Sharpie King Size), but most ...

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Oct 23, 2013 ... The chemicals in Sharpie are n-propanol, n-butanol, diacetone alcohol & cresol. The "n-propanol" is considered safe enough to be used in ...

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Sharpies is a type of permanent marker manufactured by Sanford and are sold ... An alcohol used as a solvent during chemical and textile processes as well as ...

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Jan 10, 2013 ... Learn about health issues associated with Sharpie pen tattoos and how to ... which could occur if chemicals in the marker permeate the skin or ...

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Yes, examples might include industrial oil spills or chemical leaks into drinking water sources. ... Why doesn't the black Sharpie marker ink separate in water?

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Rub the Sharpie stain with orange peels. Don't have any chemical ...

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Although Sharpies are referred to as permanent markers and contain a water- resistant chemical that makes them permanent in ordinary use, the ink can typically ...



May 4, 2010 ... Micro Marker, Sharpie Grip Marker, Sharpie Retractable Fine Point Marker, ... Marker, Sharpie Liquid Tip Marker. ... Chemical Incompatibility:.

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Sharpie FAQs. ... Question# 12 How many colors do Sharpie markers come in? [ ] . Question# 13 ... Question# 17 Is the Sharpie marker safe for writing on CD's?