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Detergents are classified into three broad groupings, depending on the electrical charge of the ...

Soaps & Detergents: Chemistry | Clean Living | American Cleaning ...


A look at how soap is made with the science of Chemistry.

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“It's a Wash: The Chemistry of Soap” explains how soap and detergents — surfactants — affect the surface tension of H2O to break up greasy dirt. We also profile ...

The Chemistry of Detergents « The Chemistry of Things


It may seem like detergents have been part of our lives forever, but the truth is that the first detergents only began to be sold less than 90 years ago. In 1920 ...

Appliance Science: The clean chemistry of laundry detergents - CNET


Jan 20, 2015 ... Through the chemistry of laundry detergent. In the latest installment of our Appliance Science column, we look at the chemistry of clean clothes.

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Feb 12, 2015 ... Wetting of the surface and, in the case of textiles, penetration of the fibre structure by wash liquor containing the detergent. Detergents (and ...

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Jul 16, 2015 ... Often we use the words "soap" and "detergent" interchangeably, but really they're quite different things. A detergent is a chemical substance ...

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Nov 19, 2012 ... EXAMPLES OF SOAPS Sodium stearate (Chemical formula: ... as soaps ADVANTAGES OF DETERGENTS Since detergents are the salts of ...

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How much chemistry is involved in removing grease from a stove top or grit from a ... Synthetic detergents are the surfactants of choice for almost all other ...

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Soaps & Detergents: Chemistry of Surfacants | Clean Living ...


A look at the Chemistry of surfacants and how soap works.

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Soap and cleanliness are inseparable, and cleansing, be it personal hygiene or laundering, is part of human history. Stringent guidelines with regard to the ...

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Learn about the chemistry behind the cleaning power of detergents, including how surfactants work and the types of molecules found in detergent.