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Detergents are classified into three broad groupings, depending on the electrical charge of the ...

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A look at how soap is made with the science of Chemistry.

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A look at the Chemistry of surfacants and how soap works.

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Jun 22, 2016 ... A simple explanation of soaps and detergents, what they are, and ... get your clothes clean: there's the chemical action of the detergent and the ...

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It should be noted that a surfactant can be either a soap or a synthetic detergent. ... Soaps are still commonly used in personal hygiene products because of their mildness. ... With this much water present in a cleaner, why do they work so well?

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Learn about the chemistry behind the cleaning power of detergents, including how surfactants work ... Basically, soap allows oil and water to mix so that oily grime can be removed during rinsing. ... Detergents are similar to soap, but they are less likely to form films (soap scum) and are not as affected ... There was an error.

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Or, it reacts with concentrated acid to form a detergent. ... Learn Chemistry .... Castor oil - Castor oil is the best oil for making soap in the school laboratory, but ... c Prepare a waterbath containing near-boiling water from an electric kettle so that ... making soaps and detergents begin with bought-in basic soap or detergent, ...

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In chemistry, a soap is a salt of a fatty acid. Household uses for soaps include washing, bathing, ... Sodium soaps, prepared from sodium hydroxide, are firm, whereas .... This simple and quick proc...

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Detergents are structurally similar to soaps, but differ in the water-soluble portion. .... The pink color of the phenolphthalein may begin to fade in the strongly basic ... Prepare a soap solution by dissolving about 1 g of your laboratory made soap ...