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Novel Metals and Metal Complexes as Platforms for Cancer Therapy


Keywords: Cancer, metal, zinc, copper, platinum, metal complex, DNA, proteasome .... estrogen are sensitized to cisplatin [68], Barnes et al. formulated a Pt(IV)-estrogen (Fig. ..... Milacic V, Chen D, Giovagnini L, Diez A, Fregona D, Dou QP.

Uniform Functionalization of High-Quality Graphene with Platinum ...


Feb 1, 2015 ... Colloidal platinum is one of the best catalysts for electrocatalytic water ... The first exfoliation procedure (termed PCA-G), reported by An et al.,[22] exploits the ... are referred versus a standard saturated calomel electrode (SCE). v=0.05 V s<sup>−1</sup>, ..... 21 Z. Li, Y. Chen, Y. Du, X. Wang, P. Yang, J. Zheng, Int. J.

Amorphous nickel boride membrane on a platinum-nickel alloy ...


Aug 9, 2016 ... Tuning the surface electronic structure of platinum-based bimetallic ... in mass activity relative to commercial platinum/carbon at 0.9 V for the ..... the ORR, Nørskov et al. provided a more reliable prediction for reactivity .... by a CHI760E electrochemical workstation (Chenhua Inc., Shanghai, ..... Chen, C. et al.

Ag-Cu nanoalloyed film as a high-performance cathode ...


Apr 23, 2015 ... Pulsed laser deposition Alloyed Ag-Cu Electrocatalyst Zinc-air battery .... The onset potential and limiting current density for ORR are 0.81 V and −12.3 ..... View ArticleGoogle Scholar; Zhu S, Chen Z, Li B, Higgins D, Wang H, Li H, et al. ... Ultra-low-loading pulsed-laser-deposited platinum catalyst films for .....

Zinc cobalt sulfide nanosheets grown on nitrogen-doped graphene ...


Jun 8, 2016 ... Dong et al. reported the fabrication of zinc cobalt sulfide .... with a platinum plate electrode and saturated calomel electrode (SCE) as the counter ... where C is the specific capacitance, ΔV is the potential range and the m is the mass of the electrode. ..... G. Li, W. Li, K. Xu, R. Zou, Z. Chen and J. Hu, J. Mater.

Receptor-Targeting Phthalocyanine Photosensitizer for Improving ...


May 31, 2012 ... Citation: Xu P, Chen J, Chen Z, Zhou S, Hu P, Chen X, et al. ... such as iron oxide [12], [16] and iron-platinum nanoparticles [17], were reported to be able to ... Mono-substituted β-carboxyphthalocyanine zinc (ZnPc-COOH, 5) was synthesized ..... Taquet JP, Frochot C, Manneville V, Barberi-Heyob M (2007) ...

An Enzymatic Biofuel cell Based On Electrochemically Reduced ...


Nov 1, 2012 ... Graphene Oxide and Multiwalled Carbon nanotubes/Zinc oxide ... Selvakumar Palanisamy, Srikanth Cheemalapati, Shen-Ming Chen ... and an open circuit voltage of 0.055 V, under the physiological conditions ... been reported in 1964 by Yahiro et al [6]. ... KCl) as the reference electrode, platinum foil.

Novel Multi-Level Cell TFT Memory With an In–Ga–Zn-O Charge ...


Abstract—Amorphous indium–gallium–zinc oxide (a-IGZO) thin-film transistor ... cycles, and a memory window of 2.66 V between OS and ES as well. ..... floating gate memory with platinum nanoparticles in the gate dielectric,”. Appl. Phys. Lett., vol. ... [11] S. Chen et al., “Novel Zn-doped Al2O3 charge storage medium for.

Models for oral uptake of nanoparticles in consumer products


Jan 27, 2012 ... ... gold (Au), platinum (Pt) and zinc oxide (ZnO) nanoparticles in cosmetics, .... Lai et al. (2007) investigated polystyrene particles in a size range of 100–500 nm. ... cells (Chen et al., 2011) and by silver nanoparticles in vivo (Jeong et al., 2010). ..... Atuma et al., 2001; C. Atuma, V. Strugala, A. Allen, L. Holm...

Transition metal complexes as potential therapeutic agents

www.academicjournals.org/article/article1380107069_Rafique et al.pdf

Platinum (II) complexes has been used as anti cancer drugs since ... (Figure 2) have been used in anticancer drugs (Chen et al., 2009). Titanium complexes such as Titanocene dichloride .... role of zinc in maintenance hemodialysis patients (2009). Nitrogen ..... Anne V, Micheal H, Elizebeth A. Hillard, Emmanuel S (2005).

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N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z ... U.S. v. AIG Trading Corp.; BP Exploration & Oil, Inc.; and Cargill International .... Arkansas Carpenters Health and Welfare Fund, et al. and Sol Lubin, et al. v. .... Chien Chung Chen, a/k/a Andrew Chen ... Computer Associates International, Inc. and PLATINUM technology International, inc.

Core–Shell Nanocomposites Based on Gold Nanoparticle@Zinc ...


Jan 4, 2016 ... evidenced by a low onset potential of −0.08 V vs RHE and a stable current density of 10 mA cm. −2 ... now, platinum-based materials have been used extensively as ... another study, Wu et al.42 prepared porous molybdenum. Received: ... nanoparticle@zinc−iron-embedded porous carbons (Au@Zn−.

Rapid room-temperature synthesis of nanocrystalline spinels as ...


Hemberger, J. et al. Relaxtor ... Greeley J. et al. Alloys of platinum and early transition metals as oxygen reduction electrocatalysts. Nature ... Stamenkovic, V. et al. Trends in ... Fangyi Cheng,; Zhanliang Tao &; Jun Chen ... zinc chloride. View:.