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But under current US Chess Federation rules, a player who ... to perform castling, provided castling is legal in the position.

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Apr 8, 2002 ... This webpage gives the answers to some frequently asked questions about the official rules of chess regarding Castling. For the full rules of ...

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May 2, 2009 ... http://www.chessstrategiesblog.com/chess-rules/castling All the rules, whys, and wherefores of castling in chess. Seventh in a series of videos ...

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Rules :: What is castling? A "special" move was made in order to help the protection of the King. Castling can only be made when: There are no pieces in ...

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Oct 14, 2011 ... Learn the special "castling" chess move, when it's allowed, when it isn't, ... The second rule is a bit unclear for me, why can't you castle when ...

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He did move the King and the Rook to complete the castling move. This is were ... Now can someone tell my opponent the real castling rules?

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Make sure the board satisfies the requirements for castling. To execute a castle, you'll need to look at the positioning of your ...

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"Castling" is described in the special moves section below. The Queen. The Queen is often considered the most powerful chess piece on the chessboard. She is ...

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Castling in chess. The rules you have to follow when you perform this move.

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Castling. king130.gif (1531 bytes) rook.gif (1423 bytes). As already mentioned, the King is invaluable. If it is attacked then it must move out of danger immediately ...

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Castling is the only move in chess where two pieces, the king and rook, move at the same time. It can work well as a defensive strategy, but also can free up a ...

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Jan 4, 2014 ... And like the pawn's two-square advance, castling is a relatively new addition to the rules of chess that is intended to speed the game up. So just ...

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Special Moves- Castling, Pawn Promotion, and En Passant VII. Scoring and Drawing VIII. Tournament Rules I. Setting up the pieces contents/Startpos.jpg