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Oct 31, 2016 ... It's not uncommon for a son or daughter wants to live with their dad. ... So take the time to read up on the child custody laws in your state so that ...


Apr 13, 2016 ... In New York City, when a child of divorce turns 14, he can decide where he wants to live. My ex-husband and I had long ago decided that if ...


Mar 9, 2009 ... What to do if your teen wants to change the custody agreement. ... when your child tells you he doesn't want to live with you anymore. As hard ...


Tips On How To Cope If Your Child Wants To Change Homes. ... Your Kid Wants To Live With Ex ... “Mom, I want to live with Dad.” “My heart was just shattered,” ...


May 31, 1998 ... How could you let your son go to live with his dad? ... hear that my son wants to live with his father and that his father has welcomed the move.


Mar 16, 2017 ... What do you do when your child chooses to live with their other parent? ..... daughter just told me that she wants to go live with her Dad full-time.


Jan 24, 2013 ... Your teenage child wants to change homes and live with your ex. Fifteen-year- old Logan says to his mother, “Mom, I want to live at Dad's.”.


Aug 21, 2011 ... How to maintain your bond with your child while satisfying everyone's needs. Suddenly, your son springs on you that he's made the decision ...


I want to go live with Dad. " Now what? Find out ... While you may not mean it, take care not to counter your child's angry outburst with one of your own. Let's take ...


When Your Child Wants to Live With the Other Parent. It's a shock to hear but as ... When my oldest son turned 12 he told me he wanted to go live with his dad.