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If your child suffered a birth injury, call our experienced medical malpractice lawyers. We can fight for your rights. Contact us for a free case evaluation.


Jacobs Law attorneys help people in Indianapolis who have suffered serious injuries get the financial resources needed to move forward from a difficult time.


Personal Injury Attorneys Serving Indiana's Children and Parents ... injury at the very beginning of life, such as when injury occurs during labor or delivery.


Have you or your child suffered a birth injury? An Indianapolis birth injury attorney at Baker & Gilchrist can help.


Every year in Indiana, a number of babies are born with serious injuries or birth defects. Many times, these problems are unavoidable. However, in some cases, ...


Childbirth Injuries. Errors in obstetrical care can be particularly serious because they can affect two people - the mother and her baby. Good prenatal care is ...


Having a baby is scary enough. Was your child a victim of a labor and delivery injury? Indianapolis birth injury lawyers at Wilson Kehoe Winingham can help.


Following the birth of a child, the first thought that crosses a parent's mind is: “is my baby okay?” While any parent would like to think it's as simple.


Jay Hoffman and Brian Newcomb are two of the most experienced birth injury lawyers in Indiana. They have dedicated more than 40 years of combined ...


Vernon Petri Indiana Birth Injury Lawyer. Over 25 Years of Trial & Settlement Experience. Licensed Nurses, Medical Doctors, Scientists & Engineers Assist In ...