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When should you worry about your child's sensitivity to noise ...

Oct 27, 2009 ... Also, if the child is overreacting because he is afraid of loud noises, how do you get him to mellow out about it?” The reader wrote that her child ...

My child is scared of loud noises - Baby - 13-36 months ...

Aug 23, 2015 ... Your child has started reacting negatively to loud noises and you don't understand why? We explore the reasons behind this fear of loud noises ...

Childhood Fears: What Kids Are Scared of -- and Why! - Parents

Fear -- of loud noises, monsters, strangers, or other objects and events -- is a natural part of childhood. But while experiencing fear is stressful to children and ...
The fear is most common in young children, but may occur in adults as well. Some people are afraid only of very sudden loud noises, while others fear ongoing noise. For this reason, if a child's fear lasts longer than six months, or if the fear is not easily consoled,... More »
By Lisa Fritscher, Guide

Childhood Fears and Anxieties - WebMD

But mostly, a child's fears are a predictable rite of passage. ... Anything that disrupts that -- a loud noise or a stranger, for example -- creates fear, says Chansky.

5 Ways to Stop the Fears - Parents

At this age, a mile-a-minute mind can quickly kick kids' fears into overdrive. ... your child's anxieties might center on surprising, sudden noises, like the loud flush ...

Easing your toddler's fears | BabyCenter

It can take months — even up to a year — before a child gets over a fear. ... Or explain that an ambulance has to make a really loud noise so that other cars know ...

How to Deal With a Child's Fear of Loud Noises | Everyday Life ...

A sudden clap of thunder, a loud motorcycle, the vacuum cleaner -- any number of loud sounds can make a child jump or feel afraid. That feeling of anxiety or ...

Berkeley Parents Network: Fear of Loud Noises

Dec 22, 2008 ... Two-year-old screams when there's a loud noise ... There was a month where she was so afraid of noises, she could not be outside in our ... Anyway at this website there is a section on HSP children, and there is a book too.

Popular Q&A
Q: How do you help children overcome fear of loud noise?
A: When your child reacts to a noise, tell your child what is causing the noise, helping them to visualize the need for the noise. Provide assurance that even thou... Read More »
Q: Is loud noises provokes a visceral fear reaction in babies and sm...
A: Yes, extremely loud and sudden noises can cause a fear reaction in babies and children just as it would in adults. Example: Loud thunder can cause babies to jol... Read More »
Q: What is the fear of loud noises?
A: Ligyrophobia is the name of the phobia related to the fear of loud noises. Read More »
Q: What phobia is the fear of loud noises?
A: Ligyrophobia is the name of the phobia related to the fear of loud noises. Read More »
Q: What is this fear of loud noise?
A: You may have sound sensitivity many people have this. Is it normal? Well what is normal? It is what it is. If this is you then this is what you must learn to de... Read More »