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At what age should a child start using under arm deodorant?


Very active kids will often come home reeking of sweat. What age is appropriate for kids to start using deodorant?

Starting To Use Deodorant and Controlling BO


Learn how to control a child's body odor and at what age you should start using deodorant.

Do children aged eight really need to use deodorant? Product for ...


Jan 28, 2013 ... The new children's deodorants were developed by Michael and Roberta Harris, from Hertfordshire, who have a background in the ...

When Should Kids Start Using Deodorant? - KidsHealth


My son hasn't gone through puberty yet, but sometimes he gets body odor. I wonder if it's time for him to start using deodorant, but I worry that it might be too ...

Too Early For Deodorant? | Parenting


My 7-year-old's armpits smell! Is she already going through puberty? And can she use deodorant? I've seen kids as young as 2 with smelly armpits.

What age to start girls using deodorant? - Netmums


Hi I have just noticed recently that my seven year old daughter has started to have sweaty arm pits,not every day and not too bad.Obviously I ...

When do children start wearing deodorant? My boy is starting to ...


I guess kids mature at different rates. My son is 9 and doesn't use anything, never smelt anything either Some children in my class however are ...

When should kids start using deodorant? | HowStuffWorks


So at what age should someone start using deodorant? Some people, some children, in fact, sweat more than others do. When sweat forms on the body, it reacts ...

Is it normal for my big kid to have body odor and need deodorant ...


If these methods don't solve the problem, it's fine for your child to start using deodorant or even antiperspirant, Shu says. In most cases, however, a mild ...

When is the right time for deodorant? | The Pediatric Insider


Jan 5, 2011 ... I'd just work on hygeine (shower every day! Use soap!) and pick out a deodorant if you'd like. Real puberty in girls starts with breast budding, ...

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