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Capital: Beijing
Population: 1,365,090,000
Conventional Name: People's Republic of China
Chief of State: President XI Jinping
Head of State: Premier Li Keqiang
National Anthem: Yiyongjun Jinxingqu (The March of the Volunteers)
Lyrics/Music: Tian Han/Nie Er


Click here for more information. ..... The official name of the modern country is the People's Republic of China (Chinese: 中华人民共和国; pinyin: Zhō...

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China country information and facts and development of Chinese society as well as People's Republic of China's profound history and rapid growing economy.
China is the world's third largest country based on area and is the world's largest based on population. It is a developing nation with a fast growing economy that is controlled politically by communist leadership. Today, China is bordered by 14 different countries th... More »
By Amanda Briney, Guide

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Information on China — map of China, flag of China, geography, history, politics, government, economy, ... The greater part of the country is mountainous.

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Unique cultural information provided. 35000 + ... In the past, the Chinese people mostly wore the same style pantsuit because of. ... Type a country or a currency ...

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News & Information .... D: cross-reference list of country data codes · E: cross- reference list of hydrographic data codes .... People and Society :: CHINA. Panel -  ...

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14 hours ago ... China is the world's most populous country, with a continuous ... of 2014 (China Internet Network Information Centre, CNNIC), China has the ...

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Eagerly assuming its place among the world's top travel destinations, even more so since Beijing took centre stage at the 2008 Olympics, China is an epic adventure. From the wide open and empty ... More »
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