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Chinchillas are crepuscular rodents, slightly larger and more robust than ground squirrels. .... "Chinchilla Facts – The Top 10 Interesting Facts About Chinchillas". Chinchilla.co. R...

Chinchilla Facts – The Top 10 Interesting Facts About Chinchillas ...


Chinchilla facts – just the sound of it sounds serious, since we know Chinchillas as cute creatures who are mild mannered and make adorable fluffy pets. But do ...

20 Interesting Facts about Chinchillas - Answers Africa


Oct 21, 2013 ... Here are a few more interesting facts about Chinchillas, 20 Interesting Facts about Chinchillas - Chinchilla fun facts, cool facts about chinchillas.

Chinchilla Care, Information, Facts & Pictures


Chinchillas. Chinchillas are native to Chile and Peru. In the wild they live in groups and make their home in burrows and natural outcroppings and crevices.

18 Chinchilla Facts for Kids | Navajo Code Talkers


Jan 1, 2015 ... Have you ever seen a chinchilla before? You may have seen these furry, soft rodents at local pet shops. Or you might even know someone who ...

Long-tailed chinchilla videos, photos and facts - Chinchilla lanigera ...


Learn more about the Long-tailed chinchilla - with amazing Long-tailed chinchilla videos, photos and facts on ARKive.

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Nov 18, 2013 ... Chinchilla Facts - Facts About Chinchillas - Please take a moment to Like, Subscribe, and Comment on this video! View Our Channel To See ...

10 Chinchilla Facts - Small Pet Select - Chinchilla Facts for you


Jan 23, 2012 ... 10 Chinchilla Facts about your chinchillas. These chinchilla facts are important. Take care of your chinchilla and love your chinchilla.

Chinchilla Information and Facts: Chinchilla Guide


Chinchilla information is a guide to learn what is a chinchilla and its very basic needs and habits, in captivity and not only.

Fun & Interesting Facts About Chinchillas | Pets4Homes


Chinchillas are fascinating little creatures with incredibly soft fur and touching their coats is an amazing experience. They are delicate animals and the...

Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia
Order: Rodentia Family: Chinchillidae Genus: Chinchilla
Chinchillas are South American rodents of the genus Chinchilla. There are only 2 species of chinchilla, though the viscachas of genera Lagidum and Lagostomus are similar and grouped into the same family, namely Chinchillidae.
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Fun Facts About Chinchillas - Live Science


Jul 21, 2014 ... Chinchillas are rodents that are native to the Andes Mountains of northern Chile. Often kept as pets, chinchillas are also prized for their ...

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Chinchilla is a cute little creature that belongs to rodents. There are two species of chinchilla: short-tailed and long-tailed chinchilla. Chinchilla can be found in ...

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The chinchillas are mammals. Here are some chinchilla facts: their natural habitat is the South part of Latin America. Chinchillas live in colonies of 100.