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Chinchillas are crepuscular rodents, slightly larger and more robust than ground squirrels. They are native to the Andes mountains in South America and live in ...

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Chinchillas have many characteristics that make them great pets. However, they are not suited for everyone. I do not suggest them for children because they are ...

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Learn how to take care of a chinchilla with Petco's Chinchilla Care Sheet. Discover interesting and important facts about these furry bundles of energy.

Chinchilla Facts – The Top 10 Interesting Facts About Chinchillas ...


Chinchilla facts – just the sound of it sounds serious, since we know Chinchillas as cute creatures who are mild mannered and make adorable fluffy pets. But do ...

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Chinchillas are medium sized rodents native to the Andes mountains in South America. Chinchillas are named after the tribe that hunted the chinchillas for their  ...

Nov 7, 2011 ... Chinchillas are soft furry rodent creature & can be great pets for older children. To learn more about chinchillas & the care required to see if a ...

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Profile of chinchillas as pets, basic information about chinchillas and basic care information.

How to Care for Chinchillas: 12 Steps (with Pictures)


How to Care for Chinchillas. Chinchillas are adorable, gentle animals and need quite a bit of care. If they are handled from birth, they will be tame and docile.

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Buying a Chinchilla - As soon as you decide to buy a chinchilla, the principals of care begin by ensuring you purchase a healthy and strong chinchilla in the first ...

Chinchilla Habitat


Chinchilla Habitat. The chinchillas natural habitat is The Andes Mountain Range, which stretch down the western side of South America. The chinchilla's natural ...

Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia
Order: Rodentia Family: Chinchillidae Genus: Chinchilla
Chinchillas are South American rodents of the genus Chinchilla. There are only 2 species of chinchilla, though the viscachas of genera Lagidum and Lagostomus are similar and grouped into the same family, namely Chinchillidae.
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Chinchillas. Chinchillas are native to Chile and Peru. In the wild they live in groups and make their home in burrows and natural outcroppings and crevices.

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Chinchilla has the softest fur compare to other pets, they are very quiet and easy to feed, you will love this cute and adorable pet.

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Jul 21, 2014 ... Chinchillas are rodents that are native to the Andes Mountains of northern Chile. ... Chinchilla fur was originally mottled yellow-gray in the wild, ...