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The Chinese zodiac (Chinese: 生肖; pinyin: shēngxiào) is the classification scheme that assigns an animal to each year in a repeating twelve-year cycle.

Chinese Zodiac: 12 Animal Signs, Calculator, Origin


Chinese zodiac, also called Shengxiao in Chinese, is a 12-year circle starting from rat to pig with a symbolic zodiac sign in each year. It is used to record birth ...

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Astrology.com provides free chinese horoscopes, online tarot readings, ... Mayan Astrology, Numerology, Feng Shui, zodiac 101, sun sign compatibility and ...

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Chinese Astrology & Faraway Fortune. Astrology.com provides over 30 combinations of free daily, weekly, monthly and yearly horoscopes in a variety of  ...

The Chinese Zodiac - Tarot.com


In Chinese Astrology, there are 12 animal signs based on your day, month and decade of birth. Find out your Chinese animal sign and its unique characteristics  ...

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Modern interpretations of Ancient Wisdoms since 2637 B.C. A site dedicated to teaching, advice and letters to Shelly Wu.

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2016 Chinese Astrology | Year of Monkey | Chinese Horoscopes | Chinese Zodiac | Feng Shui.

Chinese Zodiac 12 Animal Signs, Calculator, Origin | senn


You have Chinese zodiac signs according to your born year, month, and date. Let's find out which of the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac you have.

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Select a sign below to get your Chinese Horoscope: ... Or enter your birth information below to calculate your Chinese Sign: Your Date of Birth is: Your Chinese ...

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Free Chinese astrology and horoscope to find out your Chinese zodiac animals, compatible signs, lucky numbers as well as Auspicious days according to the ...

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Chinese Zodiac, 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals, Find Your Zodiac Signs


Chinese Zodiac Signs, The Chinese animal zodiac, or sheng xiao in pinyin, is a rotating cycle of 12 years, with each year being represented by an animal and its  ...

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Free Chinese Astrology and Horoscopes from Horoscope.com: daily Chinese horoscopes, weekly Chinese horoscopes, monthly Chinese horoscopes, 2014 ...

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Learn about a new dimension of your personality with Chinese zodiac sign meanings here.