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The Chinese Yuan Renminbi is the currency for China


The renminbi is the official currency of the People's Republic of China. The name (simplified Chinese: 人民币; traditional Chinese: 人民幣; pinyin: rénmí...

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Get Chinese Yuan Renminbi rates, news, and facts. Also available are China Yuan Renminbi services like cheap money tranfers, a CNY currency data, and ...
Other, common, terms for the Renminbi, RMB in shortened form, are yuan, pronounced "you-on", or kuai, pronounced "kwhy". The symbol is ¥ or 元. Despite officially being part of China, Hong Kong still uses the Hong Kong Dollar (HK$) and Macau uses the pataca (M$ or ptca)... More »
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We give you an introduction to Chinese currency, see the photos and click the bills to hear the value in Chinese.

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Chinese Currency – Renminbi (RMB) Chinese yuan, also known as Renminbi, is used throughout in mainland China, while in Hong Kong and Macau, Hong ...

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The following Currency Converter will help you know the exchange rate details between your original currency and the Chinese Renminbi or other currencies.

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Answer: With the establishment of the People's Bank of China on December 1st 1948, the first edition of Chinese currency was issued. To date, five sets of ...

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Eagerly assuming its place among the world's top travel destinations, even more so since Beijing took centre stage at the 2008 Olympics, China is an epic adventure. From the wide open and empty ... More »
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Q: What is the Chinese currency symbol?
A: CNY ( China. Yuan Renminbi) ¥. Read More »
Q: What is the chinese currency?
A: The currency of China is the yuan. One Chinese yuan is equal to about Read More »
Q: What is the name of the Chinese Currency?
A: Currently, Renminbi or in other words yuan is the currency in China. 1 Read More »
Q: How to invest in chinese currency?
A: China’s. economy could soon become the. largest in the world. which means a lot of investors are closely watching its currency. Before 2009, very few internatio... Read More »
Q: What is the chinese currency
A: Chinese Currency is called Renminbi (RMB or CNY) means "People's Currency" in Chinese language. Ask us Read More »