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In ancient times, Pugs were bred to be companions for ruling families in China. The pet Pugs were highly valued by Chinese ...

Chinese Pug Dogs | Size, Breeding, Appearance, History


What is a Chinese Pug dog? Since there is only one Pug breed, with no other official variations or off-shoots, a Chinese Pug is not its own breed and it is not a ...

The History of the Pug - Pug Village


During the British invasion of China in 1860, they found Pugs in the Chinese Imperial Palace and brought them back to England. In 1886, England imported ...

Pugminded, For Pug Lovers A History of Pugs


The Chinese sent Pugs as gifts to important individuals throughout Korea and Japan, thus spreading the popularity of these charming little dogs. The Dutch East ...

Pug, Chinese Pug Dog Breed Guide Information and Pictures


Dog breed guide for Pugs, Chinese Pug history and information, description and Chinese Pug pictures, small dog care, Pug temperament, handling and training ...

Pug World | History


According to the London Zoological Society, the Pug is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. Ancient Chinese documents state that short-nosed dogs with  ...

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Detailed Information on Pug, from Health to Temperment you will find the information you need on Pug.

Pug History - Pugs.cc


Pug history can be read about here. ... It is stated in ancient chinese documents, that short-nosed dogs existed in China at the time of Confucius, at around 700 ...

History of the Pug - Dog Channel


The history of the Pug breed Theories about the origin of the Pug have caused much debate over the years, some thinking the breed to have developed in the ...

Pugs in Ancient Orient - My Pugs Home


The Chinese Emperors of the Han Dynasty, (206 B.C. to 220A.D.), were the ... Pug. Chinese Foo Lions. Couple of Fu-Dogs. Foo Dogs are often created in pairs.

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Pug information including pictures, training, behavior, and care of Pugs and dog breed ... Legend has it that the Chinese, who mastered the breeding of this dog, ...

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Symmetry and general appearance are decidedly square and cobby. A lean, leggy Pug and a dog with short legs and a long body are equally objectionable.

Pug Dog Breed Information and Pictures


All about the Pug, info, pictures, rescues, care, temperament, health, puppies and more. ... Chinese Pug Dog ... The Pug is a small, stocky, square, thickset dog.