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Taxicabs of Hong Kong

The Chinese name for taxi used in Hong Kong, dik si (的士), is a Cantonese transliteration of the English word "taxi". The earliest pioneer of the modern taxi ...

Beijing Taxi, Cab: Information with Cost and Tips - Travel China Guide

Taking a taxi is the most convenient way for newcomers to travel around a metropolis like Beijing. There are over 66,000 taxis running in every corner of the city.

Getting Around in China - Taking a Taxi - China Travel -

Overview. Taxis are a good, inexpensive, easy way to get around in Chinese cities - and frankly sometimes to get between them - as long as you know a few ...

Taxi Fares in China. Taxi Prices in China. - Cost of Living

Taxi fare tables (km and miles). Given two addresses in China, it finds the distance between them and estimates the fare for taxi services.

Taxis, Beijing, China Transportation: 85 Reviews, 44 Photos ...

Taxis: 85 reviews plus opinions, photos and top deals from real travelers and locals in Beijing, China. Ranked #2 of 11 top Transportation in Beijing, China on  ...

Shanghai: Taxis in Shanghai - TripAdvisor

Taxi companies in Shanghai are heavily regulated. On the back of the plastic guard shield surrounding the driver, is written the local regulations in both Chinese ...

China Taxi, Taxi in China, China Transportation - China Highlights

China taxi with information on how to take taxis in China including taxi prices in major cities, and other tips.

Taking a Taxi /Chinese Phrases for Travelers

Free lessons for tourists to learn Chinese phrases and pronunciation. ... taxi. traffic jam. Where can I catch a taxi? Please call a taxi. How much is it to ?

Getting around by Taxi in Beijing, China - The China Guide

Getting around in Beijing by taxi is not hard, as long as you are prepared. Assume your driver will not speak English. Keep the name of your hotel written down in ...

Beijing Taxi, Beijing Taxis Fares - Beijing Cab & Taxi Service

Beijing Taxi and Beijing Cab information on taxi fares, taxi tips and taxi phones offered by Beijing based China tour operator and China travel agency.

Popular Q&A
Q: What is a Chinese taxi called?
A: It practically is pronounced "dik si" in Cantonese and "di shi" in mandarin. Read More »
Q: What is the Chinese bike taxi called?
A: Bicycle rickshaw. Read More »
Q: How much for a taxi from Santa Monica to the Chinese Theatre?
A: taxis in Los Angeles (even ones from Santa Monica) usually use the same fare sheet LA city uses. as some LA cab companies also service Santa Monica. below is th... Read More »
Q: How much (what percent, if any) do Hong Kong Chinese ppl REALLY t...
A: we dun tips taxi driver at all. not like the US. we can even not tips the waiters. n percentage has been set like 10-17% u must tips ur waiters. anyway, usually... Read More »
Q: How to grab a cab and talk directions with the taxi driver using ...
A: Getting around is essential when you're traveling, and the one thing you will always have to deal with is cab drivers. How do you tell them where you're going i... Read More »