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Chive Plants
Chives are similar to onions and garlic in appearance, but have a much milder flavor. In addition, the leaves of chives are the portion consumed, rather than the bulbs. Like many herbs, chives can be grown either outside in the garden or indoors in pots.... More »
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Definition: A grasslike herb that is related to the onion, but with a much milder flavor. It's best used fresh, added towards the end of cooking. More »
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Popular Q&A
Q: What is a chive?
A: a herb from the allium family. it tastes like mild onion or garlic. Read More »
Q: What is chive?
A: (chīv) n. A Eurasian bulbous herb (Allium schoenoprasum) in the lily family, having clusters of usually pink to rose-violet flowers and cultivated for its long,... Read More »
Q: What are chives?
A: Chives are long, thin leaves that grow from 6-20 inches long (15-50 cm.). Some species' leaves are fl... Read More »
Q: How to Cook With Chives.
A: 1. For using chives from the plant, cut an inch or two from the ground. 2. Wash chives thoroughly, either by soaking them in a bowl, or by spraying them with hi... Read More »
Q: When to Pick & Cure Chives?
A: Pick the chives anytime the plants leaves are long enough to use. This can occur as soon as two months after planting chive seeds or one month after a plant is ... Read More »