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A magnetic field line shows the direction a compass needle would point.

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Learn more about magnetic field lines in the Boundless open textbook. Magnetic field lines are useful for visually representing the strength and direction ... http:// www.boundless.com//physics/definition/magnetic-field-lines Boundless Learning  ...

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Sep 4, 2014 ... 3.1 Magnetic B field lines; 3.2 Earth's magnetic field .... By definition, the direction of the magnetic field at a point is the direction that the north pole of a magnet would ... Field lines are also a good tool for visualizing magnetic forces. ..... over any closed surface will pick out the "magnetic charges"...

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Magnetic fields fill the space around all magnets, but they're impossible to detect with our own senses. ... Magnetic Force: Definition, Poles & Dipoles .... using the compass to diagram the magnetic field lines of a gigantic bar magnet. .... Use our chapter tests and lesson quizzes to get a good sense for how the exam will be ...

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Oct 8, 2016 ... Magnetic ``field lines'' are imaginary lines used to describe the ... Photography of Earth (choose "Aurora" for the Geographic Region) .... One thing is for sure, scientists love a good puzzle and will work hard at trying to solve it.

Experiment 5: Magnetic Fields of a Bar Magnet and of the Earth


Part 1: Constructing Magnetic Field Lines of a Bar Magnet. Tape a piece of .... centimeters to the right and describe the change in direction of the needle. Move it a ... component of the magnetic field at the sensor (see description below). ... If you choose axial, the sensor will measure the component of the magnetic field along.

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the circles determined by the right hand rule (if the thumb of your right hand is in the ... Figure 8.1.4 Magnetic field lines due to an infinite wire carrying current I . ... Figure 8.2.1 The definition of the magnetic force by the vector cross product ..... We shall choose our zero point for the potential energy when the angle between...

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Cover: Diagram of magnetic field lines of Earth modeled by Dr. Gary .... problems can be used to enhance understanding of the mathematical concept, or as a good ... strength of a magnetic field in terms of its mathematical description from a ...... Students should pick one field line from a magnetic pole, and follow it to its ...

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Oct 26, 2014 ... why do magnetic field lines leave the north pole and enter the south pole? [ duplicate] ... enter image description here. Note: Reading this will ...

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May 5, 2010 ... The field lines are no more real than the lines on a topographic map, but ... you choose to do so) you can make a pretty good approximation, or you can take ..... I can't quite remember the exact explanation for it, but apparently ...

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Something that attracts iron ... What is a good description of magnets would be? things that can attract ... A magnetic field line shows the direction a compass needle would point. Laney Lynch.

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What is the relationship between current flow and magnetic fields? rhcur.jpg ( 2892 bytes). This is the Right Hand Rule for magnetic field from flowing current, and for ... Also, the direction of the tangent to the field line is the direction of the ...

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We can choose to make the area any size we want and orient it in any way relative to ... If we use the field-line picture of a magnetic field then every field line passing .... how much smaller is the flux through the area in Figure 1-left vs Figure 1-right? .... The description of magnetic flux allows engineers to easily calculate the...