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The pronoun who, in English, is an interrogative pronoun and a relative pronoun, used chiefly ... or interrogative determiner (adjective) (Which man should I choose?). .... with who vs. whom is this...

Choose the sentence which contains an indirect object A you ...


Choose the sentence which contains an indirect object A you worked hard each day B They gave you a bonus C you spent it immediately D It is difficult to save ...

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Oct 17, 2012 ... Choose the sentence in which the verb has a direct object. A. They won ... Choose the sentence which contains an indirect object. A. I spent it ...

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Nouns can function as indirect objects. An indirect object is the recipient of the direct object. Not all sentences have indirect objects. If the sentence has an ...

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To find the indirect object of a sentence, you must first find the direct object. ... choose to use only the indirect object pronoun if the actual indirect object is clear.

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In this lesson, we will see how to identify object pronouns and how to use them... ... This sentence contains both a direct object, 'it,' and an indirect object 'her,' and both of these words are object ... Sometimes, we choose the wrong pronoun.

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A dependent, or subordinate, clause contains a subject and a verb or verb phrase but does not ... Noun clauses can act as subjects, direct objects, indirect objects, predicate nominatives, or objects of a preposition. ... Choose a gift for whomever you want. ... The clause acts as an object of the preposition for in the sentence.).

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Simply choose the appropriate (sex and number) object pronoun. Sometimes a ... A sentence with a direct object may also have an indirect object. An indirect ... Each prepositional phrase contains a noun object of the preposition (o.p.). Look at ...

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For all tenses using the gerundio, it is up to the speaker to choose whether to place the object before or after the verb. If the sentence contains two objects, they  ...

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Only adjective prepositional phrases modify the object of the preposition in another prepositional phrase. .... Compound verb - when two or more verbs are in a sentence. .... Indirect object - an object that is really part of a prepositional phrase in which .... It is used with verbs like make, name, call, choose, elect, and appoint.

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Choose the sentence which contains an indirect object a I worked ...


"They gave me a bonus" is the sentence which contains an indirect object.

1. What is the indirect object in the following sentence?


Dec 14, 2013 ... Which sentence below contains a correctly used modifier in italics? ... Usage - Choose the sentence which contains an indirect object. a)I ..

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Sentences that have an indirect object usually have a direct object. Remember, the IO ... “Ellos no nos compran ningún regalo” contains 3 concepts: ellos nos ...