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Wondering about choosing a pet? It's best to learn about the needs of different species so you will be able to pick one that will best suit your lifestyle.

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You can read other suggestions on deciding which pet might be best for you through this link. and a bit more about the choice of a dog here ...

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Choose the Right Pet for Your Family. Find a furred, feathered or finned friend who is a perfect match with these 5 questions. So, you finally gave in to those ...

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Most pet birds, for instance, do best in temperatures around ... well and can help you choose the right pet for you.

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Choosing the Right Animal for You. Pets are also called companion animals because they provide good company and are wonderful friends and family ...

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Are you thinking about adding a pet to your family? Take our quiz and find out which type of pet might be best!

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Getting our first pet, a puppy, was an easy call—we got him before we had a ... their characteristics and the best ways to find the right pet for your household.

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This quiz will let you know the truth! Find out what pet best suits you!

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Wondering what pet is right for you... "What pet ... get is a good fit. The Pet Quiz is here to help you take a look at yourself and decide: What pet is right for you?

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Before your bring an animal into your family, get all the info on what to consider when choosing a pet, and find out which ones made our list of best pets for kids.

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General pet care resources. CHOOSE A TOPIC BELOW FOR THE FULL LIST OF RESOURCES. Getting Started. Adopt a Pet from a Shelter or Rescue.

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If you want to preserve your pet's health and extend their life-span, then take a look at the info I've provided for ... They are probably the best animals for us too!

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10 Tips for Choosing the Right Pet. New Pet Recommendations. Puppy and kitten. Keeping a pet in your home should be a commitment that, despite its many  ...