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Christian Priorities: Putting God First in 2016 - Life, Hope & Truth


Establishing the correct priorities in our lives is vital for our success as Christians.

Prioritize God, family and ministry time - Christian Living - LifeWay


We spend 10 percent more than we have - and it no longer matters if one is talking about time, energy, or money. We work hard, play hard, and crash hard.

Luke 4:42-44 - Knowing Your Purpose and Setting Priorities ...


Luke 4:42-44 shows that Jesus knew His purpose and set priorities to ... Jesus shows us this, and there are many Christians and pastors throughout the ...

20 Important Bible Scriptures About Priorities - What Christians Want ...


In this article Pastor Daryl Evans shares some important Bible verses about priorities.

What should be the priorities for a Christian family? - ProofDirectoy


According to the Bible, there several priorities for a Christian family. The Bible teaches that God comes first ... (Read more)

Christian Priorities : Christian Courier


Christian Priorities. by Wayne Jackson. One of the most demanding and frequently ignored admonitions from Jesus Christ is found in his renowned Sermon on ...

Developing Christian Priorities in Life - Lambert Dolphin's Library


Developing Christian Priorities in Life. Lambert Dolphin. The following notes are based on a discussion in Silicon Valley in a men's core group consisting of ...

Determining Priorities | Today's Christian Woman


Thoughtfully considering where we say yes and choose to commit our limited time is of vital importance. Consider what you value and where your priorities lie.

A Man's Priorities: How to Decide What's Important - FamilyLife


As a young Christian, I didn't have a clue about God's priorities for my life. I lacked the self-confidence to say no because I honestly didn't know where the ...

What should be the order of priorities in our family?


Christ's first priority—after obeying and glorifying the Father—was the church. ... If husbands and wives are second only to God in our priorities, and since a ...

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7 Priorities that Guided Jesus' Decisions | Christian Bible Studies


May 1, 2003 ... This saying has become a guiding principle for many Christians. ... these questions in mind and discovered seven priorities that guided Jesus: ...

The Five Biblical Priorities of a Christian Man | Biblical Gender Roles


Sep 24, 2015 ... What should your priorities as a Christian man be? Even if you think you know what God says your priorities should be – how do order your ...

The Christian's Priority - Grace to You


Sep 21, 2003 ... We have books on priorities, setting priorities. You can hire people to come in and teach you how to prioritize things. It's really become a very, ...