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Timeline of Christianity


The purpose of this timeline is to give a detailed account of Christianity from the beginning of the current era (AD) to the present. Question marks on dates ...

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Christianity in View: Timeline of Christian History. ... Gentile Christians accepted alongside those in the Jewish tradition. c.60, First Gospel published (often ...

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Mar 17, 2004 ... The following timeline of Christianity summarizes some of the most important events in Christianity since its founding about 2,000 years ago.

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Read Timeline: Important Dates in A.D. Christian History by and more articles about Church History and Church on Christianity.com.

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Timeline & Map. Roman Empire D. uring the first centuries A.D., in a constantly shifting political environment church leaders shaped the New Testament around  ...

Christian Timelines


Church History Timelines: Christian History Instruction Online: A detailed overview of Church History. This site is not merely a chronology or timeline, but ...

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30 AD: Jesus is crucified by the Romans, and James becomes the leader of the " Christians" 33 AD: Saul/Paul, a Jew from the city of Tarsus in Asia Minor who ...

A Timeline of Christianity


A Timeline of Christianity . With respect to the early timeline, we can know a few events: We can be fairly certain that Jesus was born in September or October of ...

Early Church History Timeline - Christian History for Everyman


This early church history timeline, in my opinion, addresses issues that ought to be of concern to all Christians. We are told to "contend earnestly for the faith ...

Christianity timeline


Christianity reaches Russia, 950; Christianity reaches Germany, 750; Moslems invade and conquer southern Spain, 711-732; Moslems take Carthage and North  ...

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48 CE, Council of Jerusalem, the leaders of the new Christian movement, discuss the terms of the recent mission to the Gentiles. 50 CE, Paul leaves Antioch and ...

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35: Stephen martyred; Paul converted. 57: Paul's Letter to the Romans. The Age of Early Christianity (70-312). 150: Justin Martyr dedicates his First Apology.

Christian Church History Timeline - Early Christianity Dates


Search the Christian church history timeline of events in Christianity by date. Learn about important Christian events that shaped faith.