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Christmas is celebrated in Egypt by members of the Coptic Orthodox Church, who fast for the 40 days leading to Christmas which they celebrate on January 7th.
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Coptic calendar

1 Coptic year; 2 Date of Christmas; 3 Date of Easter; 4 Coptic months ... This calendar is still in use all over Egypt by farmers to keep track of the various ...

Christmas in Egypt -

How Christmas is celebrated in Egypt and lots of other countries around the world.

Egypt: Christmas in Egypt

Jun 14, 2011 ... Tour Egypt presents information about Christmas celebration in Egypt.

Coptic Christmas Day in Egypt - Time and Date

Coptic Christmas Day in Egypt. Many Orthodox Christians annually celebrate Christmas Day on or near January 7 to remember Jesus Christ's birth, described in ...

State Information Services Christmas in Egypt

Dec 20, 2014 ... Christmas in Egypt. Tree of Christmas In December 2002, January 7 was considered an official holiday for Christians and Muslims alike.

Egypt - The History of Christmas - Sites - Google

Although Egypt is not a Christian nation, the number of Christians in Egypt is quite large. Christmas Day in this country is celebrated on January 7. This day is  ...

Egypt's Coptic Christians celebrate Christmas - Al Arabiya News

Jan 7, 2015 ... Egyptian Coptic Christian religious leaders celebrate Christmas in the monastery of Saint Samaan in Cairo on January 6, 2015. (AFP) ...

How Egyptians celebrate Christmas in Egypt - Egypt Gift Shop

How Egyptians celebrate Christmas is what this page is about. Customs and traditions of celebrating Christmas in Egypt.

Christmas in Egypt

CHRISTMAS in. EGYPT. Egypt is in northern Africa, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, between Libya and the Gaza Strip. Although Egypt is not a Christian ...

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A: Jesus wasn't born yet. There was no Christmas. Read More »
Q: Christmas in Egypt?
A: Me too, to all My friends , colleague, teachers of my children,all Egyptian Coptic who celebrate their Christmas today, MERRY CHRISTMAS. let us be one again wit... Read More »
Q: How commercialized is Christmas in Egypt?
A: It's true that it's an islamic country but there are a lot of catholic Egyptians that do celebrate it. some other christians celebrate it as well, but of course... Read More »
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A: you say "koli sana WA anta tayib" in Egyptian. Read More »
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A: On a riverboat on the Nile. It will be a fantastic experience, believe me I have done it. It is best to start planning now and so you can enjoy Christmas 2007 i... Read More »