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Chromosomes become visible during prophase, the stage of mitosis during which the nuclear envelope disappears and the chromosomes shorten and ...

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Chromosomes become visible during prophase. Prior to that, the chromosomes were long strands of DNA material called 'chromatin'. During ...

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TEST 4 Nucleoli are present during _____. Interphase Cytokinesis often, but not always, accompanies _____. Telophase Chromosomes become visible during ...

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Chromosomes, composed of protein and DNA, are distinct dense bodies found in ... the chromosomes are somewhat less condensed and are not visible as individual ... However during cell division, mitosis, the chromosomes become highly ...

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Jan 21, 2015 ... During interphase (1), chromatin is in its least condensed state and appears ... begins during prophase (2) and chromosomes become visible.

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Then they become visible as rod-like chromosomes. .... At this time, the chromosomes become indistinct (as they are during Interphase), the nuclear membrane ...

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Cells go through phases or a cell cycle during their life before they divide to form ... Chromosomes become visible when they condense into sister chromatids ...

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chromosomes are not visible during this stage but are replicated in S phase. This ... centromere, condense and become visible as dark linear structures.

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Chromatin condensation begins during prophase (2) and chromosomes become visible. Chromosomes remain condensed throughout the various stages of ...

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Chromosomes become visible, the nucleolus disappears, the mitotic spindle forms, and the nuclear envelope ... The nucleolus disappears during prophase.

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During the prophase stage of cell division, chromosomes begin to condense, coil and fold, making them visible under a light microscope. When the duplicated ...

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Chromosomes become visible during _____. Prophase. 6. Centromeres divide and sister chromatids become full-fledged chromosomes during _____.

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The chromosome then consists of two strands called sister chromatids which ... These centromeres become visible under a light microscope only during mitosis.