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Tobacco Facts and Figures. Man's arm pointing to pie charts, bar ... In 2011, an estimated 19% of U.S. adults were cigarette smokers. Approximately 18% of high  ...

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They don't realize that trying cigarettes can lead to a life-long addiction. The tobacco companies don't want you to know that; they want you to think smoking is  ...

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Smoking Facts: did you know that... Smoking causes 1 in every 5 deaths in the U.S. every year?

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After you've browsed the 11 facts (with citations at the bottom), take action and ... A single cigarette contains over 4,800 chemicals, 69 of which are known to ...

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Kids and teens are vulnerable to the health effects of cigarettes and chewing tobacco. Tobacco causes lung cancer, heart disease and death, and its harmful ...

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In the United States, each pack of cigarettes sold costs society an estimated $18.05. 100 million people died from tobacco-related diseases in the 20th century.

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Cigarette smoking is the greatest single cause of illness and premature death in the UK. This leaflet gives reasons why smoking is so harmful. It also...

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May 5, 2016 ... Cigarettes and other forms of tobacco—including cigars, pipe tobacco, .... Smoking and Tobacco Use: Fast Facts. http://www.cdc.gov/tobacco/

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2 days ago ... Electronic cigarettes (also called e-cigarettes or electronic nicotine delivery systems) are battery-operated devices designed to deliver nicotine ...

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Jan 11, 2009 ... The world's view on smoking cigarettes has changed dramatically over the last century. ... Below is a list of interesting facts about cigarettes. 1.

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Find out how smoking and use of other tobacco products affects your health, what's in a cigarette, how tobacco use and the tobacco industry impact specific ...

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Dec 11, 2015 ... Price discounts account for 85% of all cigarette marketing. These are discounts paid to cigarette retailers or wholesalers in order to reduce the ...

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Even if someone doesn't consider themselves a smoker, every "bummed" cigarette causes damage to vital organs in the body. Give that pancreas a break.