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American Civil War (1861-1865)
The Civil War was the culmination of four decades of intense sectional conflict and reflected deep-seated economic, social, and political differences between the North and the South. The South, overwhelmingly agricultural, produced cash crops—cotton…
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Uniform of the Union Army


The standard U.S. Army uniform at the outbreak of the war had acquired its definitive form in ..... Civil War re-enactors wearing shell jackets, kepis and greatcoats.

Civil War Clothing and Reenactment Supplies - Made in USA


Authentic Civil War & Indian War clothing, weapons and accessories for reenactment or memorabilia. Confederate and Union Uniform Specials. Made in USA by ...

Civil War Uniforms | History Net: Where History Comes Alive – World ...


Civil War Uniforms. Union And Confederate Uniforms And Clothing From The American Civil War. Outfits And Dress Of The Civil War Era.

Uniforms of the Civil War - Kidport Home Page


The uniforms of the Civil War helped distinguish between the Union soldiers of the North, and the Confederate soldiers from the south. But early in the war, ...

Civil War Uniforms and Civil War Clothing, Union, Fall Creek Sutler,


Civil War Union Army Uniforms. Civil War Uniforms and Clothing US Army (the North) For CS Army Uniforms and Clothing - Click Here Fall Creek Suttlery

Military Uniforms CS & US of the American Civil War


Feb 13, 2015 ... Military Uniforms of the American Civil War, including both Confederate (CSA) uniforms & Union (USA) uniforms for officer's, NCO's and ...

A Civil War Union Soldier's Uniform - American Centuries


A Union Soldier's Uniform from the Civil War, around 1865. In the north a certain ... Soldiers, except for officers were issued uniforms. Officers were expected to ...

Uniforms of the Civil War


Union union.jpg (9011 bytes). After the fall of Fort Sumter, the United States War Department was unable to make enough uniforms fast enough. The northern ...

Kids History: Civil War Uniforms - Ducksters


Kids learn about soldier's uniforms during the Civil War. The Blue and the Gray worn by the Union and the Confederates.

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Q: Information on Civil War Uniforms.
A: Traditionally, the Union Army wore wool blue jackets, while the Confederate Army wore cotton gray jackets. According to Civil War Home, though, many enlisted Co... Read More »
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Q: Civil War Uniform?
A: Dear Elizabeth, This photo was much easier to see. Thanks... I will have to say you've got an excellent chance of this being a sailor form the USS Alabama. Howe... Read More »
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Q: Civil War Uniforms and supplies?
A: There are several sources for uniforms, equipment and materials. They're called "sutlers" and here's a few names: Mercury Sutler. Regimental Quartermaster. C&D ... Read More »
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Q: Where to buy Civil War uniforms?
A: for confederate uniforms go to this link http://www.fcsutler.com/fccsuniforms.asp For union uniforms got to this link http://www.fcsutler.com/fcusuniforms.asp e... Read More »
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Q: How to Identify Civil War Uniform Buttons.
A: 1. Identify the design on the front of the button. It should have a state seal, which was incorporated into the button on Civil War uniforms. 2. Examine the but... Read More »
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