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Tridacna gigas reproduce sexually and are hermaphrodites (producing both eggs and sperm). Self-fertilization is not possible, but ...

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Nov 21, 2014 ... F. Whisten asks: Is it true that all clams are male? ... looks like a tongue), clams seem like a species for which reproduction would be difficult.

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Jul 11, 2013 ... The release of veligers from Asian Clams in labratory settings appears to be synchronous as demonstrated by this video recorded on July 10, ...

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The life cycle of the hard calm Mercenaria mercenaria. In general, most calms reproduce in wild similar the Northern Quahog. Introduction. The hard clam can ...

Aquarium Invertebrates: A Look at Giant Clam Spawning in Aquaria ...


Tridacnids, like other clams, are broadcast spawners. This means that when it's time to reproduce, sexually mature clams will eject clouds of sperm and eggs into  ...

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After wading through 160+ pages of papers it appears breeding clams is very easy if you have access to cheap labor, several clams (a few ...

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How do mussels reproduce? Freshwater mussels have an unusual and complex mode of reproduction, which includes a brief, obligatory stage as a parasite on ...

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Razor clams reproduce by broadcast spawning, in which females and males release sperm and eggs into the water and external fertilization occurs.

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Clam reproduction occurs earlier in the year at lower latitudes. Dimodal (two peaks) or polymodal (multiple peaks) spawning takes place in southern populations ...

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Clams reproduce by releasing gametes, or eggs and sperm, into the water. Male and female clams have no direct contact. The clams are prompted to reproduce ...

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How does a clam shell grow? A thin tissue that adheres to the inner surfaces of the shell, called the mantle, and a thickened rim of muscular tissue at the mantle  ...



diagram showing stages in development of a clam ... Another exception to separate-sexes in clams is the small kelly clam Kellia suborbicularis which, in addition ...

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Freshwater clams, or mollusks, have a very unique way of reproducing. Freshwater clams can be miles away from their mate at the time of fertilization. All clams ...