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The term felony, in some common law countries, means a serious crime. The word originates ... For example, if a person is sentenced to six months, but the charge can be "up to ... In some state...

Class C Felony Crimes and Penalties | Criminal Law


Under this approach, a class C felony (or a level 3 felony) is the third most ... on felony classification systems, see Felony Classes: Charges and Penalties.

Felony Classes: Charges, Penalties and Sentencing | Criminal Law


For example, Missouri classifies its felonies as Class A, B, C, or D crimes; and its misdemeanors as Class A, B, or C. Every statute defining a crime in Missouri ...

Texas Criminal Record Expungement: Misdemeanor & Felony ...


In Texas, the process of expunging a criminal record is often called “expunction. ... Alcohol Related Crimes · Assault & Battery · Crimes Against Children · Crimes .... were arrested but not charged with a crime (the last situation described above) . ... or pled no contest to any offense other than a Class C misd...

Oregon's Expungement Guide | Information, Law and Process on ...


You can expunge most misdemeanor crimes and Class C felony crimes; however . ... I have an Oregon DUII conviction / DUII diversion on my record.

Expungement of Felony Conviction - FelonyGuide


If you are successful in having your conviction expunged, your records related ... I did 7 months stats jail at 17 turned 18 my mother was In prison an left a house .... I had three drug felonies, two class C and one class B. I researched the law, went ... for an assault and battery charge that was considered a felony because I use ...

Class B and Level Two Felonies | Criminal Law


Less serious than Class A/Level One felonies, Class B/Level Two crimes ... on felony classification systems, see Felony Classes: Charges and Penalties.

Penalty for Class B Felony | Attorneys.com


Felonies are very serious crimes that generally carry potential penalties of at least one year in prison. Most jurisdictions divide felonies into classes, using either ...

Class B Felony Definition | Enlighten Me


Examples of Class B felonies throughout the country include: Manslaughter ... Get the Details on Class B Felony Charges and Sentences in Your State: Alabama.

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Q: Kentucky Felony Penalties For Class C Felony Charges.
A: All states have criminal statutes that dictate whether a crime is classified as a felony or a misdemeanor and what punishments apply. In addition to the basic c... Read More »
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Q: How much jail time for a class c felony charge in tennessee?
A: Biiiiiiiittch please. Lots of time. Read More »
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Q: Does Florida extradite on a class c felony charge from Missouri.
A: Any type of felony is a nationwide warrant. Read More »
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Q: Anyone know about Class "C" Felony charges in Missouri (Statutory...
A: First of all, please remember that statutory sodomy is a charge for when your ex was having sex with someone (willingly) who was too young to be able to decide ... Read More »
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Q: Can you get out on your own recog for a class c felony charge?
A: Entirely up to the judge, who will base his decision on the actual crime, along with your record, and the recommendations of the prosecutor and possibly the def... Read More »
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