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What Are Class A Felonies?
Class A felonies are a category of crime punishable by state or federal law. Specific penalties for Class A felony offenses vary from state to state but usually carry a minimum of a 10-year prison sentence. In some states, such as Alabama, long prison... More »
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Classes of offenses under United States federal law - Wikipedia


The classes of offenses under United States federal law are as follows: Offense classes ... Felony, A, Life imprisonment (or death), $250,000, 1-5 years, 5 years ...

Felony Classes: Charges, Penalties and Sentencing | Criminal Law


For purposes of assigning sentences to each felony offense, many states divide felonies into subcategories. Others assign sentences on a crime-by-crime basis,  ...

New York State Penal Law - Felony Classes Sentences | NY Law


New York Penal Law - Felony Classes and Sentences, All Felonies range in classification from A to E with the A crimes as the most serious | NYS Laws.

New York Felony: Class A, B, C, D, E NY Felony


A felony charge can mean a year to life in prison. A NYC defense attorney explains what you need to do to reduce penalties or avoid conviction.

18 U.S. Code § 3559 - Sentencing classification of offenses | US ...


life imprisonment, or if the maximum penalty is death, as a Class A felony;. (2). twenty-five ... less than five years but more than one year, as a Class E felony;. (6) .

Classes of Felonies - FelonyGuide


What are the different classes of felonies? Do these vary by state? Which ones are the worst? How do I know which class of felony I've been charged with?

Felony - Definition, Examples, and Classifications


Felony Defined and Explained with Examples. Felony is the classification of the most serious types of crimes.

Classes of Misdemeanors | LegalMatch Law Library


Dec 19, 2016 ... What Is a Misdemeanor? In criminal law, a misdemeanor is a lesser type of crime that is usually punished by a monetary fine and/or a short jail ...

Class A Felony Lawyers | LegalMatch Law Library - LegalMatch.com


Dec 19, 2016 ... Many states further classify felony crimes into classes, such as Class A, Class B, Class C felony, etc., with Class A usually reserved for the most ...