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The manufacturer of Velcro suggests a stiff brush or another piece of the Velcro to remove accumulated hair, fuzz and lint from the hook side of Velcro fasteners. Regardless of whi...

How to Clean Velcro
If you have velcro shoes, velcro toys or velcro fabric with strings, yarn or hair entwined, then chances are you need to learn how to clean velcro. It isn't very difficult, and when the velcro is clean, it holds more securely. When you learn how to... More »
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6 Ways to Clean Velcro - wikiHow

How to Clean Velcro. Velcro, or hook-and-loop, is a handy, quick fastener that has grown into near ubiquitous use. The hook side engages the loops for a secure ... Velcro&v=jREVgCrMXPw
Jan 10, 2013 ... sometimes i'd wear my lifting belt under my sweatshirt, which is fuzzy on the inside and would stick to the velcro on my belt. just takes a few ...

How To Clean Velcro – Quick and Easy Tip | Life Where We Are

Dec 28, 2012 ... Josh clicked on the first link in the search, Clean Velcro, and told me to use the teeth on a tape roll. I was confused until I actually picked up the ...

How to revive (clean) Velcro - Instructables

I figured out how to get all the lint, fur, string, etc., out of Velcro in a quick, easy manner and will share it. We have so many items in our home a...

How to Easily Clean Out Your Velcro - Hook & Loop or Aplix Cloth ...

Aug 28, 2013 ... Easily clean your Velcro #clothdiapers via @chgdiapers 1. I purchased this item myself. Post contains affiliate links. Hook & loop closure ...

How to Clean and Remove VELCRO® Brand Products & Adhesive

Need to know how to clean VELCRO® Brand Produts or remove VELCRO® Brand adhesive? Find out here.

How to Clean Velcro | eHow

How to Clean Velcro. If you have velcro shoes, velcro toys or velcro fabric with strings, yarn or hair entwined, then chances are you need to learn how to clean ...

How to clean Velcro - Frugal Village

Apr 5, 2009 ... CLEAN VELCRO: I was sitting with my jacket on and looking at the Velcro patches that seal the front shut after you zip it. They were disgusting.

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Q: How to Clean Velcro.
A: Things You'll Need. Fine-toothed comb. Wide-toothed comb. Instructions. Remove all large pieces of debris from the surface of the velcro with your hands. Someti... Read More »
Q: How to Wash or Clean Velcro.
A: 1. Remove lint and dirt from the soft side of Velcro with the sticky surface of a lint remover roller used for clothing, or a piece of duct tape pressed into th... Read More »
Q: How to Clean Velcro
A: 1 Ignore the fuzz-filled Velcro. If the Velcro still forms a pretty good connection when you press it together, there may be no need to clean. If you don't real... Read More »
Q: How do you clean velcro?
A: I find that you can pick crud out of the male side of velcro with a pin- sort of rake through it and pull out the fuzz as it comes up off the surface. Female ve... Read More »
Q: What is the best way to clean velcro?
A: The best way to clean velcro is to comb out the debris with a fine toothed Read More »