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Cleaner Indoor Air: A New Selling Point For Employers in China?


Oct 21, 2013 ... Cleaner indoor air may soon be a selling point for employers in pollution-heavy parts of China like Beijing. That could benefit both domestic ...

More than money: Employees in China demand cleaner office air ...


Dec 24, 2015 ... More than money: Employees in China demand cleaner office air ... has installed new clean air systems at its Beijing and Shanghai offices, ... have now started cleaning up office air, with the majority targeting indoor particulate matter. ... worry about the air they're breathing, so it's a great selling point f...

Every breath we take – transforming the health of China's office space


JLL presents a white paper on how to achieve good indoor air quality in the workplace, in .... challenges for employers in China going forward, it is not an issue to be taken lightly5. ... measure in terms of directly correlating gains, new research ..... to cleaner indoor air at offices in China (see Figure 5). ..... The key selling p...

Clean Air for Sale in ChinaChina Business Review


Feb 7, 2014 ... Residents of Chinese cities choked with air pollution look to air purifiers ... that China's air purifier market size could exceed $33 billion in the next five years. ... Honeywell's Asia Pacific director of homes and indoor environment control. ... According to a Sina report, the most popular models in China sel...

Can Social Media Clear the Air? A Case Study of the Air Pollution ...


Dec 1, 2014 ... When the Chinese government introduced new air quality standards in 2012, ... and control and by companies as a platform for profiting from air pollution. ..... air conditioning and filtration can produce clean air indoors, for a price. ..... media debate about air pollution to gain popularity and sell their products.

Your Office Air Is Killing You - Newsweek


Jun 2, 2016 ... New devices that monitor pollutants in homes and offices could save ... Poisonous indoor air is almost completely ignored by the press, the public and ... Choke Points ... India and China—where air pollution is already particularly ... And it's wrong to assume that “only new buildings can be clean,” Allen says.

Beijing malls compete on clean air credentials - Financial Times


Jan 6, 2017 ... Companies ... Shopping malls in China's smog-bound capital are vying for customers by ... at home, leading many malls to turn to cleaner air as a selling point. ... high-end malls in Beijing have taken to publishing their indoor air quality on digital screens in the central atrium. ... Welcome to the new FT.com.

4 Powerful Air Purifying Plants to Clean the Air in Your Home


These powerful air purifying plants go well beyond simply 'adding some color' to your home -- they're industrial-strength air cleaners used by NASA. ... due to the foul air quality in the crowded capital city of New Delhi, India. ... booster in the Chinese system of feng shui, which is the ancient art of harmonizing indoor ...

Top Rated Air Purifiers For Sale in Shanghai


Important points to compare when purchasing an air purifier in China: ... filters, the top selling air purifiers in Shanghai include Blue Air from Sweden with its ... However, their inference that this method proves other air-purifier companies in China ... Although top rated air purifiers are more effective in cleaning indoor air when...

China uses innovative methods to tackle air pollution - Construction21


Apr 29, 2014 ... China uses innovative methods to tackle air pollution - ... Members · Companies / Organizations · Networks ... Can innovative technology help us clean up our air? ... announced a new type of air purifier that avoids creating pollution. ... "This is one of the selling points” says Monroe “we take indoo...