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Clojure is a dialect of the Lisp programming language created by Rich Hickey. Clojure is a general-purpose programming language with an emphasis on ...



The official language homepage, with source code, binaries, documentation, community links, news, and wiki.

Clojure for the Brave and True


A free, extensive online book for newcomers to the Clojure language.

GitHub - functional-koans/clojure-koans: A set of exercises for ...


A set of exercises for learning Clojure. Contribute to clojure-koans development by creating an account on GitHub.

Clojure Koans


Introduction. Clojure koans are exercises meant to initiate you to the mysteries of the Clojure language. By following along the path set before you, you will touch ...

Clojure - Reddit


Why does clojure.spec have a global registry of specs? (self. ... With all the discussion, what does it actually take to start clojure development in vanilla Emacs?

Clojure Programming - Wikibooks, open books for an open world


People come to Clojure from a variety of backgrounds. The purpose of this book is to help everyone get the most out of the Clojure language. It is not meant as a ...

Try Clojure


Provides an interactive Clojure shell via your web browser, to try out the language with immediate feedback.

clojure.core - Clojure v1.8 API documentation


Interfaces: clojure.core.IVecImpl, clojure.lang.Associative, clojure.lang.Counted, clojure.lang.IFn, clojure.lang.IHashEq, clojure.lang.ILookup, clojure.lang.IMeta ...

Overview - Clojure v1.8 API documentation - Clojure Library Overview


Clojure provides a Java API for invoking Clojure from Java. You can browse the javadoc for the API at http://clojure.github.io/clojure/javadoc. Issues related to ...

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Clojure :: Welcome


What is Clojure? Clojure is a functional programming language that features a concise syntax, elegant concurrency support and frictionless Java integration.

GitHub - clojure/clojure: The Clojure programming language


The Clojure programming language. Contribute to clojure development by creating an account on GitHub.

Learn clojure in Y Minutes


Clojure is a Lisp family language developed for the Java Virtual Machine. ... The clojure reader assumes that the first thing is a ; function or macro to call, and the ...