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Facts on Cloning
Cloning refers to making duplicate biological material. Different kinds of cloning processes have different aims, though many people only know about reproductive cloning, or creating a twin by using genetic material from a living organism; other kinds of... More »
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In biology, cloning is the process of producing similar populations of genetically identical individuals that occurs in nature when organisms such as bacteria, ...

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The term cloning describes a number of different processes that can be used to produce genetically identical copies of a biological entity. The copied material ...

One of the main concerns as it relates to human cloning is that the current processes used in animal cloning are only successful a very small percentage of the time. Another concern is that the cloned animals that do survive tend to have various health problems and sho... More »
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Or they can be made in the lab. Below, find out how natural identical twins are similar to and different from clones made through modern cloning technologies.

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Learn the basics about cloning and see how it's done. ... Try it yourself in the mouse cloning laboratory. ... Test your cloning savvy with this interactive quiz.

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Cloning describes the processes used to create an exact genetic replica of another cell, tissue or organism. The copied material, which has the same genetic ...

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Scientists have successfully cloned several animals. But this success has sparked fierce debates about the use and morality of cloning. Find out about cloning ...

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Cloning 101. The ability to create a clone used to be science fiction. Dr. Ian Wilmut's group changed that in 1997 with the creation of Dolly the sheep. Since then ...

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Q: What is Cloning?
A: Cloning is the artificial creation of genetically identical organisms through scientific manipulation. Clones are created by extracting an egg from an organism ... Read More »
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Q: What is clone?
A: A clone is an exact genetic copy of a plant or animal. Some clones are real "buds." Clones can be found naturally in nature in single-cell organisms that reprod... Read More »
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Q: What is a clone?
A: A clone is an exact genetic copy of a living being Read More »
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Q: What are the Basic Steps of Cloning?
A: Cloning is the production of independent living tissue with DNA that is an exact copy of the donor tissue. When most people think about cloning, they are thinki... Read More »
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Q: What is cloning?
A: To make a product that functions like another. See clone. See also cloning software. Download Computer Desktop Encyclopedia to your PC, iPhone or Android. Read More »
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