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Orange Clownfish
Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Perciformes Family: Pomacentridae Genus: Amphiprion
Species: Amphiprion percula
True clown anemonefishes (Amphiprion percula) are native only to the Indo-Pacific Region. The species ranges from Northern Queensland to Melanesia, which comprises New Guinea, New Britain, New Ireland, the Solomon Islands... More »

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Clownfish or anemonefish are fishes from the subfamily Amphiprioninae in the family Pomacentridae. Thirty species are recognized: one in the genus Premnas,  ...

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Jul 13, 2016 ... Best known for being featured in the movies “Finding Nemo” and “Finding Dory,” the clownfish has become a popular aquarium pet. Nemo and ...

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Fast Facts. Type: Fish; Diet: Carnivore; Average life span in the wild: 6 to 10 years ... Ironically, Finding Nemo, a movie about the anguish of a captured clownfish, ...

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This 4-inch-long (10-centimeter-long) fish shares an amazing partnership with another sea creature: the anemone (pronounced: uh-NEM-uh-NEE).

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The clownfish is also known as the anemonefish. There are 28 - 30 recognized species of clownfish. Clownfish are found in warm waters of the Indian and ...

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There are 28 different species of clownfish that inhabit Indian and Pacific oceans, Red Sea and Australian Great Barrier Reef. Clownfish lives in the warm water, ...

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Ever since the movie, Finding Nemo, people have been going crazy for clown fish. Check out these facts on one of the ocean's coolest creatures.

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Amazing Facts About the Clownfish. Clown fish are a sub family made up of 28 different species. Nemo is a false clownfish or a clown anemonefish.

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Clownfish are bright orange in color with 3 bold white stripes. They are small fish that live in pairs among anemones. Get more facts at WildRepublic.com.