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A cockatoo is a parrot that is any of the 21 species belonging to the bird family Cacatuidae, the only family in the superfamily Cacatuoidea. Along with the ...

Jul 12, 2015 ... Argue With A Cockatoo .... I, myself, love cockatoos. Keep up bringing .... what if the noises the cockatoo is making, is how he thinks we sound..
Jun 6, 2012 ... http://www.videobash.com "Y'know, it's like I put all this effort into keeping the place clean and no one actually cares. Also I just pooped on the ...

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Cockatoo care at Animal-World.com provides bird care for all types of cockatoos covering bird cages, bird baths, bird toys and playpens, with bird information ...

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With their perky crest and natural curiosity, cockatoos are among the most well- known and loved members of the parrot family. They are found in Australia and ...

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Photo of Moluccan Cockatoo The Moluccan cockatoo is a favorite among bird fanciers due to its striking appearance and wonderful temperament. Moluccans ...

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Rescue and Rehabilitation of Threatened Species Western Australia.

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Mar 1, 2016 ... A cheeky pet cockatoo in Sydney's west has been filmed escaping from his cage and picking a fight with his owner at the back door of the ...

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Cockatoo Island is a UNESCO world-heritage-listed island in the middle of beautiful Sydney Harbour. Hop on a ferry and explore the island for the day or stay ...

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Cockatoo Wingtag. 26812 likes · 1763 talking about this. The wing-tagging of Sulphur-crested Cockatoos is a joint research project between the...

White Cockatoo
Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Aves
Order: Psittaciformes Family: Psittacidae Genus: Cacatua
Species: Cacatua alba
The White Cockatoo, Cacatua alba, is medium-sized and all white with the underside of the wings and tail washed yellow. The crest is long and backward-curving. The bill is grey-black, the bare eye ring white... More »
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Sweet baby Eleanora Cockatoos available. Please visit our website for more pictures and detailed information on the sweet babies. www.jcaviary.com Cal.

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Cockatoos can't seem to shake the “velcro bird,” moniker. These birds have a tendency to want to be everywhere their people are. The cockatoo's cuddly nature ...

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White Cockatoo photo Cockatoos stand out from other parrot species with their dramatic crest feathers, dusty feathers, and varying shades of white, pink, gray ...